Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology, 1st Edition

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PES College of Engineering is organizing an International Conference on Emerging Research in Electronics, Computer Science and Technology (ICERECT-12) in Mandya and merging the event with Golden Jubilee of the Institute. The Proceedings of the Conference presents high quality, peer reviewed articles from the field of Electronics, Computer Science and Technology. The book is a compilation of research papers from the cutting-edge technologies and it is targeted towards the scientific community actively involved in research activities.

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Consolidated Report on ICERECT-12.
1: Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using Local Entropy Thresholding.
2: Implementation of Minutiae Extraction and False Minutiae Elimination for Fingerprint Image on FPGA.
3: Resistive Fractal FSS Based Broadband Radar Absorber.
4: FPGA and ASIC Implementation of 16-Bit Vedic Multiplier Using Urdhva Triyakbhyam Sutra.
5: Multi-Algorithm Decision-Level Fusion Using Finger-Knuckle-Print Biometric.
6: Encryption of Compressed Video Using Efficient RSA-CRT Algorithm.
7: Design of High-Speed Reconfigurable Coprocessor for Next-Generation Communication Platform.
8: Secret Code Authentication Using Enhanced Visual Cryptography.
9: A Data Acquisition (DAQ) Architecture for FPGA Implementation.
10: Finite-Dimensional Realization of Lavrentiev Regularization for Nonlinear III-Posed Equations.
11: Video Signals Demodulator for Satellite Communication.
12: Importance of On-Demand-Modified Power-Aware DSR in MANETs.
13: Studies on Quasi-Z-Source-Based Isolated DC/DC Converter for Distributed Power Generation.
14: Security in Pervasive Computing: Risk Probability Assessment Model.
15: CPU Load–Based Countermeasure Technique for Intelligent DoS Attack Targeting Firewalls.
16: A Practical Current Measurement Using Rogowski Coil and Haar Wavelet.
17: Improved Accuracy of Higher-Order Legendre Polynomial Roots in MATLAB.
18: Stability Analysis of Speech Synthesis Filter of CELP-Based AMR-WB Codec.
19: Performance Analysis of AODV and AOMDV Routing Protocols on Scalability for MANETs.
20: Feature-Level Image Fusion Using DWT, SWT, and DT-CWT.
21: Aircraft Recognition System Using Image Analysis.
22: Design of Physical Layer Transmitter and Receiver for Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol Using VHDL.
23: Semantic Analysis of Precise Detection Rate in Multi-Object Mobility on Natural Scene Using Kalman Filter.
24: EEG Seizure Analysis Using Fractal Dimensions during Electroconvulsive Therapy.
25: Medical Image Denoising Using Wavelet-Based Ridgelet Transform.
26: Real-time Retrieval System for Heritage Images.
27: PDMWSN: A Probable Approach to Detect Malicious Node in Wireless Sensor Network.
28: Study of Partial Discharge in Pressboards.
29: 3DS3: A Framework for 3D Static Scene Streaming.
30: An Efficient Approach to Detect Clone Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Random Walk Protocol.
31: Size and Shape-Based Ovarian Abnormality Detection of Ultrasound Images.
32: Rate Quality Factor Optimization for VP8 Video Codec for Mobile Communication Applications.
33: Congestion Control by Heuristics in High-Speed Networks Using ANN.
34: Low-Power Sum of Absolute Difference Architecture for Video Coding.
35: An Integrated Method for Classification of Indus and English Document Images.
36: Uterine Fibroid Segmentation and Measurement Based on Morphological Functions in Graphical Vision Assistant Tool.
37: Efficient Algorithm for Image Compression Using DWT Techniques.
38: Identification of Common Indian Leafy Vegetables Based on Statistical Measures on Combined Color and Texture Features.
39: Fast Pattern Matching Approach for Intrusion Detection Systems.
40: A Comparative Analysis of Energy-Efficient Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks.
41: Implementation of an Ethernet Bridge Using Avalon Memory-Mapped Interface.
42: Performance Analysis of EBG Antenna for Base Station Applications.
43: Web Images Evaluations Based on Visual Content.
44: Robust Speech Recognition Using Wavelet Domain Front End and Hidden Markov Models.
45: Combining Ensemble of Classifiers Using Voting-Based Rule to Predict Radiological Ratings for Lung Nodule Malignancy.
46: A Secured Authentication System Using an Effective Keystroke Dynamics.
47: High-Speed Low-Power VLSI Architecture for SPST-Equipped Booth Multiplier Using Modified Carry Look Ahead Adder.
48: Energy Efficient ECC Encryption Using ECDH.
49: Adaptive Support Weight-Based Stereo Correspondence Algorithm for Face Images.
50: Adaptive Traffic Load Sharing for GSM Network.
51: Psychoacoustic Model-1 Implementation for MPEG Audio Encoder Using Wavelet Packet Decomposition.
52: Recommending Music by Combining Content-Based and Collaborative Filtering with User Preferences.
53: Performance of Sphere Decoder for MIMO System Using LLL Algorithm.
54: Reduced Bit Rate Using Image Inpainting.
55: Biometric Vault Scheme Using Data Hiding and Standard Encryption.
56: Voltage Stabilization Through Reactive Power Injection at Secondary Terminals of Distribution Level Feeders—Using Thyristor-Switched Capacitor.
57: Exposing Digital Forgery in Video by Mean Frame Comparison Techniques.
58: Mobile WiMAX Performance Improvement Using MRRC Scheme for Real-Time Application.
59: Feature Extraction Using Shearlet Cone Representation for Face Recognition.
60: Combined SLM and Companding for PAPR Reduction in OFDM.
61: Color Image Digital Watermarking.
62: Damped Sinusoidal Basis Functions-Based Transformation for Image Compression.
63: Energy Model for the Configured MSP430F1612 on a TELOSB Mote with the Help of Contiki.
64: Design and Implementation of an Advanced Rectifier Stage Topology with Maximum Power Point Tracking for Hybrid Energy Systems.
65: Novel Boundary Evolving Algorithm Using Iterative Curve-Fitting Technique to Trim Down the Image Inpainting Complexity under Extreme Conditions.
66: ICA- and PCA-Based Face Recognition Systems—A Survey.
67: Relationship between View Angle and Distance between Parallel Edges with Vanishing Point in 2D Images.
68: Airborne Character Recognition System with Image Processing Techniques.
69: An Intelligent Clustered Cooperative Transmission Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.
70: An Embedded Web Server for Industrial Automation.
71: High-Performance Service Scheduling Strategy for Cloud Environment.
72: Embedding Patient Information in Medical Images Augmented with Compression by Rotation Technique.
73: Development of Morphological Stemmer, Analyzer and Generator for Kannada Nouns.
74: Quadtree Based Feature Extraction Technique for Recognizing Handwritten Kannada Characters.
75: Effect of Contribution Links on Choosing Hard Goals in GORE Using AHP and TOPSIS.
76: Transformation of Artistic Form Text to Linear Form Text for OCR Systems Using Radon Transform.
77: Boolean Arithmetic Polynomials and Equivalence Checking.
78: Generation of High-Frequency Pulses for Transient Studies.
79: Toffoli Cascade Synthesis of an Optimized Two-Bit Comparator.
80: Design and Development of Biosignal Conditioning, and Processing Electronic System by Employing Analog Devices Chip (AD-549) and LabVIEW.
81: Design of an Optimal Yaw Damper for 747 Jet Aircraft Model.
82: Design, Implementation and Verification of CAN Node Interface to Peripheral Ports in FPGA.
83: Mining Information from Model Build Without Information Disclosure.
84: Quantitative Analysis of the Openness of the Major Temporal Arcade in Retinal Fundus Images of Retinopathy of Prematurity.
85: DCT-SVM-Based Technique for Off-line Signature Verification.
86: Headset Prototype Design for Industrial Noise Reduction Using DSP.
87: Optimal Location of Series FACTS Device Using PSO Technique to Reduce the Losses and to Enhance Power Transfer Capability in a Power System.
88: Effective Integration of Wind-Distributed Generation to Power Grid with STATCOM.
89: Novel Shannon-Based Low-Power Full-Adder Architecture for Neural Network Applications.
90: Novel Algorithm for Mobile Location Identification.
91: Handwritten Kannada Numerals Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform Coefficients.
92: Development of Randomized Hybrid Cryptosystem Using Public and Private Keys.
93: Dynamic Coverage by Homogeneous Mobile Sensor Nodes Using Tri-Hexagonal Scheme.
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