Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife: Eternity in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, 1st Edition

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Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife: Eternity in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam provides an all-encompassing examination of historic and contemporary perspectives on afterlife in Western religions. In these three volumes, Judaic, Christian, and Muslim scholars join forces, providing an unprecedented review of their individual faith's traditions. Every significant issue and major theme is discussed; no controversial topic is avoided. From ancient doctrines to modern-day outlooks of conservatives, progressives, and liberals in all three religions, all are analyzed and presented here.

The framework of the volumes underscores how the ethics and concepts of eternity in the Western "action" religions contrast with Eastern religions that tend to be characterized as "passive" or "withdrawal" religions in their ethics and their notions of afterlife as absorption within universal spirit, Nirvana, or nonexistence. This work is well-suited for undergraduate and graduate students, general readers interested in religion, and professional scholars, particularly those in fields corollary to religious study.

Table of Contents

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In Commemoration of Stanley Ellens December 6, 1933–July 8, 2012.
Series Editor’s Foreword.
1: Afterlife and Underworld in the Bible.
2: End Time and Afterlife in Judaism: Two Readings of the Vision of the End of Days.
3: Caught in the Snare of She’ol, but Dew Gives Life to Dust.
4: The Afterlife in the Septuagint.
5: Enochic Judaism and the Messiah of the Early Church: Adapted Images of Heaven, Hell, and Afterlife.
6: Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons: The Other Side in the Second Temple Period.
7: Heaven, Hell, and Afterlife in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Their Influences in the New Testament.
8: The Afterlife in Philo and Josephus.
9: Death and Future Life: A Jewish Meditation.
10: Jewish Christian Eschatology.
11: Jesus and the Afterlife: Glimpses of Jewish Traditions in the Teachings of Jesus.
12: Near-Death Experiences and Transcendence in Judaism.
13: From Spiritual Care to Religious Violence: The Liabilities of the Afterlife.
14: Hell on Earth: Corporeal Existence as the Ultimate Punishment of the Wicked in Philo of Alexandria and the Wisdom of Solomon.
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1: Heaven, Hell, and the Text of the New Testament.
2: Eternal Life in John’s Gospel: It’s Playing now.
3: The Tomb Cult of the Early Jesus-Followers in Jerusalem.
4: When Heaven Gives You Hell: Salvation of the Soul in the Gnostic Christian Gospel of Philip.
5: Shifting Views of Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife in the Second Century CE.
6: Heaven, Hell, and Afterlife in the Christian Creeds.
7: Hades, Hell, and Sheol: The Reception History of the King James Version in American Fundamentalism.
8: The History of the King James Bible as a Source and Response to Ecumenical Anxiety.
9: Re-Membering the Body of Christ: Historical Origins and Psychological Implications of the Doctrine of the Communion of Saints.
10: Signposts for Heaven: C. S. Lewis, Sehnsucht, and the Fulfillment of Joy.
11: The Afterlife in Fundamentalism.
12: Humanistic Christian Ideations on Heaven and Hell.
13: Popular Notions on Afterlife in the Christian Community.
14: Eternity in the Age of Aquarius: Origins and Concepts of Heaven and Hell in the New Age Movement.
15: Eschatology in African Christian Theology.
16: Near-Death Experiences from a Christian Vantage Point.
17: Heaven, Hell, and Paradise: Consciousness Research and Eschatological Mythology.
18: Do Heaven and Hell Matter? How a Christian Perspective on Heaven and Hell Shapes Our Psychology.
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1: Ontological Expansion of Life and Its Implications: Islam.
2: Al-Ghayb wa al-’Akhirah: Heaven, Hell, and Eternity in the Qur’an.
3: Muslim Attitudes toward Near-Death Experiences, Death, and the Afterlife.
4: The Underworld in Islam Compared with Jewish and Christian Traditions.
5: Ideas of Apocalyptic Eschatology in Islam.
6: Philosophers and the Afterlife: Maimonides, Avicenna (Ibn Sinna), and Averroes (Ibn Ro/Ushd): Perspectives on the Afterlife in Medieval Islamic and Jewish Philosophy.
7: Our Reach for Eternity, Now and Hereafter, Secular and Sacred.
8: Death, Afterlife, and Ancestors in Africa.
9: Meaning and Destiny: Life and Afterlife of the Aborigines of Australia.
10: Historic and Contemporary American Perspectives on Aspects of Our Afterlife.
11: Global Reflections on Heaven, Hell, and Afterlife in the Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Western Worlds (With a Note on Buddhism).
Excursus: Commemoration of Alan F. Segal: A Critical Digest of His Life After Death: A History of the Afterlife in Western Religions.
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