Great Things to Do Outside, 1st Edition

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  • ISBN-10: 1465427589
  • ISBN-13: 9781465427588
  • DDC: 372.35
  • Grade Level Range: 12th Grade +
  • 192 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2014 | Published/Released August 2014
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2014

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With Great Things To Do Outdoors, children will never be out of ideas for things to do. Made up of fun, practical projects to do outside, this book is guaranteed to get kids out into nature. Activities range from simple observation in the backyard to more ambitious projects. Great Things To Do Outdoors will open the whole family's eyes to the nature on their doorstep.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
How to Use this Book.
1: Activities.
2: Make a Seed Box.
3: Fly a Seed Helicopter.
4: Make a Bumblebee Nest Box.
5: Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden.
6: Build a Den.
7: Make a Slingshot Catapult.
8: Thread a Flower Garland.
9: Hang a Flower Curtain.
10: Plant a Round Pizza Garden.
11: Grow Your Own Herbs.
12: Build a Butterfly Bar.
13: Attract Butterflies.
14: Keep a Nature-Day Photo Journal.
15: Make a Nature Photo Postcard.
16: Build a Birdbath.
17: Turn a Trash Can Lid Into a Birdbath.
18: Make a Potted Gift Kit.
19: Give a Scented Bouquet.
20: Make a Daisy Chain.
21: Blow a Dandelion Clock.
22: Look for Space Rocks.
23: Make a Martian Landscape.
24: Make a Fossil Mud Pie.
25: Hunt for Fossils.
26: Press Flowers.
27: Dry and Press Seaweed.
28: Make a Butterfly Painting.
29: Damselfly or Dragonfly?.
30: Make a Bug Hotel.
31: Investigate a Tree Gall.
32: Carve a Halloween Jack-O’-Lantern.
33: Hang a Pumpkin Lantern.
34: Make a Parachute.
35: Throw Fall Leaves in the Air.
36: Lay an Insect Pitfall Trap.
37: Lift Logs to Find Insects.
38: Make a Kite.
39: Test Your Kite-Flying Skills.
40: Reveal Leaf Skeletons.
41: Take Leaf Rubbings.
42: Make New Lavender Plants.
43: Make Herb Oil.
44: Plant a Hanging Basket.
45: Make a Hanging Flower Ball.
46: Make a Shell Showcase.
47: Try Beach Long Jump.
48: Keep a Nature Journal.
49: Start a Leaf Collection.
50: Make a Water-Balloon Piñata.
51: Hit Targets with Water Balloons.
52: Create a Flower Flick Book.
53: Trim a Grass Hairstyle.
54: Take a Footprint Plaster Cast.
55: Identify Animal Droppings.
56: Build a Birdwatching Blind.
57: Camouflage Yourself.
58: Make a Grapefruit Geode.
59: Make Slime.
60: Make a Pinecone Wreath.
61: Create a Pinecone Animal.
62: Make Some Bird Food.
63: Make Different Types of Bird Food.
64: Bobbing for Apples.
65: Juggle Apples.
66: Bury a Beetle Bucket.
67: Tell a Bug from a Beetle.
68: Start a Rock Collection.
69: Make a Specimen Tray.
70: Make Herb and Flower Ice Cubes.
71: Make it Frosty.
72: Take Mushroom Spore Prints.
73: Make Stamps with Mushrooms.
74: Decorate Your Garden with Butterflies.
75: Make Pebble Pets.
76: Go on a Nature Hunt.
77: Lie Down and Listen.
78: Make Leaf Flowers.
79: Stencil a Ripening Fruit.
80: Make a Weather Front.
81: Make a Rainbow.
82: Build Your Own Barometer.
83: Measure Hailstones.
84: Make Your Own Fertilizer.
85: Make Leaf Mold.
86: Make a Grapefruit Bug Catcher.
87: Be a Bug Detective.
88: Make a Bubble Wand.
89: Blow Bubbles with Your Fingers.
90: Plant a Wild West Garden.
91: Make a Miniature Garden.
92: Help a Bird Build a Nest.
93: Listen to the Dawn Chorus.
94: Make an Anemometer.
95: Have a Raindrop Race.
96: Make a Feather Crown.
97: Write with a Quill Pen.
98: Build a Log-Pile Home.
99: Make a Maze for Woodlice.
100: Make a Mistletoe Ball.
101: Make a Festive Bough.
102: Spread Seed Hitchhikers.
103: Plant a Sock.
104: Play a Flying Disk Game.
105: Paper Kick-Ups.
106: Create a Pressed Flower Picture.
107: Hang Flowers to Dry.
108: Make a Leaf Wreath.
109: Hang Leaf Bunting.
110: Compare Leaf Structure.
111: Track Leaf Colors.
112: Make Leaf Lanterns.
113: Make Shadow Creatures.
114: Make a Chalk Sidewalk Picture.
115: Trace Someone’s Shadow.
116: Play Backyard Concentration.
117: Dissect an Owl Pellet.
118: Plant a Fairy Ring.
119: Make a Garden Lantern.
120: Make a Wind Vane.
121: Time Thunder and Lightning.
122: Identify Types of Trees.
123: Play a Game of Pooh Sticks.
124: Plant an Egg Carton.
125: Use Toilet-Paper Rolls as Planters.
126: Train Honeybees.
127: Is it a Bee or a Wasp?.
128: Make a Spider’s Web.
129: Watch a Spider Make a Dragline.
130: Create an Ice Flower Mobile.
131: Make an Orange Pomander.
132: Make a Waterfall Wall.
133: Make a Waterslide.
134: Build a Container Pond.
135: Let Life Begin.
136: Build a Shelter.
137: Stack a Stone Tower.
138: Use Leaves to Make an Owl Mask.
139: Make a Leaf Crown.
140: Collect Runner Bean Seeds.
141: Dry Beans for Food.
142: Measure Space with Your Hands.
143: Make a Moonscape.
144: Make a Feather Collection.
145: Unzip a Feather.
146: Make Lavender Soap.
147: Create a Flower Perfume.
148: Make a Leaf Picture Frame.
149: Make a Nature Bug.
150: Make an Erupting Volcano.
151: Make a Stone Float.
152: Build a Wormery.
153: Is it a Head or a Tail?.
154: Make Conkers.
155: Play a Game of Conkers.
156: Grow Beans on a Teepee.
157: Watch a Plant Climb.
158: Make a Hidden Image.
159: Reveal a Secret Message.
160: Race Over an Obstacle Course.
161: Try Skipping.
162: Play Limbo in Your Yard.
163: Play a Game of Hoopla.
164: Bury a Time Capsule.
165: Make a Map of Your Neighborhood.
166: Make a Bird Table.
167: Make a Ground Bird Feeder.
168: Paint Plant Pots.
169: Make a Herb-Lined Pot.
170: Make a Butterfly Net.
171: Is it an Insect or a Spider?.
172: Go Cloud-Spotting.
173: Forecast the Weather.
174: Shape an Ivy Man.
175: Train a Plant.
176: Make a Moth Trap.
177: Is it a Butterfly or a Moth?.
178: Make a Hanging Star.
179: Spot Shooting Stars.
180: Draw a Treasure Map.
181: Go on a Treasure Hunt.
182: Dig a Pond.
183: Plant Pond Plants.
184: Go on an Orienteering Event.
185: Practice Your Geocaching Skills.
186: Capture Animal Tracks in Sand.
187: Identify Animal Tracks.
188: Measure a Tree’s Age.
189: Read Some Weather Rings.
190: Play Hopscotch.
191: Have a Game of Leapfrog.
192: Make a Rain Gauge.
193: Splash in Puddles.
194: Make Some Fun Planters.
195: Use Juice Cartons as Planters.