eBook Middle East: A Guide To Politics, Economics, Society, And Culture, 1st Edition

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  • 368 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2011 | Published/Released January 2012
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Clarifies the region’s complex history and ongoing problems by exploring areas of overarching significance. Deals specifically with the broader issues of culture, religion, women, economics, governance, and media, as well as the role that the region’s modern history has played in shaping the ways of life, values, and worldviews of its peoples.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Editorial Board.
1: Politics of Governing in the Middle East.
2: Middle Eastern Governance: An Introduction.
3: Monarchies in the Middle East.
4: The Rise of the Radical-Nationalist Regimes.
5: The Decline of Radicalism and the Institutionalization of the Nationalist States.
6: Instruments of Governance Among the Arab Regimes.
7: Syria.
8: Lebanon.
9: Iran.
10: Israel.
11: Iraq.
12: Postscript.
13: Middle East Economics.
14: Economics in the Middle East: An Introduction.
15: Common Issues.
16: Oil.
17: Water.
18: Demography.
19: Governance.
20: Societies.
21: Gulf Monarchies.
22: Iraq.
23: Arab Levant.
24: Nile Valley.
25: Maghreb.
26: Iran.
27: Israel.
28: Conclusion: Great Opportunities, Unimpressive Results, Modest Prospects.
29: Middle East Media.
30: The Middle East Media: An Introduction.
31: The Syrian Media.
32: The Egyptian Media.
33: Iraq: From Captive to Relatively Free Media.
34: Iraqi Politics and Control of the Media.
35: The Iranian Media Under President Muhammad Khatami.
36: The Israeli Media.
37: The Palestinian Media and Anti-Americanism.
38: The Virtual Frontiers of the Iranian Blogistan.
39: How Satellite TV Challenges State Media Monopoly: Al-Jazeera’s Coverage of Syria.
40: European-Based and Satellite Arabic-Language Media.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
1: Religion in the Middle East.
2: Religion in the Middle East: An Introduction.
3: Islam and Christianity in the Middle East.
4: Homogeneity and Diversity.
5: Protectors of the Faith.
6: The Republic of Islam.
7: The Republic of Religions.
8: Islam in Conflict.
9: The Jewish State.
10: Conclusion.
11: Middle East Cultures.
12: Arab Culture.
13: Middle Eastern Culture: An Introduction.
14: Naguib Mahfouz’s Children of the Alley.
15: Culture in Post-Saddam Iraq.
16: Popular Music, Popular Culture, and Social Change in Arabic-Speaking Societies.
17: Iranian Culture.
18: The Post-Revolutionary Culture of Iran: Transformation and Islamization.
19: “Cultura Oficial” in Post-Revolutionary Iran: The Case of State-Sponsored Political Wall Murals.
20: Israeli Culture.
21: Israel, Tel Aviv, and the Mediterranean Cultural Theme.
22: Contemporary Israeli Art.
23: Israeli Cinema.
24: Israeli Popular Music.
25: People of the Middle East.
26: The People of the Middle East: An Introduction.
27: The Arabs.
28: The Persians.
29: Iranian Tribal and Other Minorities.
30: Turkic Minorities.
31: The Jews.
32: The Kurds.
33: The Berbers.
34: Middle Eastern Peoples and Their Cultures in Flux.
35: Women in the Middle East.
36: Women’s Status in the Middle East: An Introduction.
37: A Short History of Women in the Middle East.
38: Women in Egypt.
39: Women in Iran.
40: Women in Afghanistan.
41: Women in Saudi Arabia.
42: Women in Iraq.
43: Jewish Women in Israel.
44: Middle Eastern Women: Patterns and Trends.
45: Conclusion.