Pediatric Cataract Surgery, 2nd Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: College Freshman - College Senior
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  • Original Copyright 2014 | Published/Released March 2015
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As the single reference textbook on the subject, Pediatric Cataract Surgery: Techniques, Complications And Management, Second Edition covers everything from vision screening to managing complications of pediatric cataract surgery, with hours of accompanying online video. Following the First Edition, a wealth of scientific advances have called for an improvement of the entire work, which combines innovative discoveries with an endorsement for hands-on learning beyond the pages. It's a must-have for ophthalmic surgeons of all levels. 13 new chapters cover the latest advancements across perioperative management of pediatric cataract surgery, critical periods in vision development, cost analysis, endophthalmitis prophylaxis, intraocular heparin treatment, bag-in-the-lens surgical techniques, multifocal intraocular lens use in children, quality of life, low vision rehabilitation and more. You'll also find a cutting-edge section on operating techniques for patients in developing nations and cataract surgery in eyes with ocular and systemic anomalies. 2 hours of online procedural video to offer an up-close-and-personal visual aid, from the perspective of the surgeon himself. First-hand accounts and expert demonstration help you perfect procedure, avoid common missteps and navigate complications for a successful outcome. Quick reference format promises grab-and-go versatility, so you can find the info you need in a heartbeat. The preeminent authority - Its content has been compiled, authored and edited by top surgeons in this challenging field, with important contributions from researchers and other professionals — producing rich material that keeps you (and your colleagues) at the forefront of your discipline.

Table of Contents

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1: Preoperative Evaluation, Preparation & Consideration.
2: Genetics of Congenital Cataracts.
3: Etiology and Morphology of Pediatric Cataracts.
4: Epidemiology of Pediatric Cataracts and Associated Blindness.
5: Role of Vision Screening in the Detection of Congenital or Early Acquired Cataracts.
6: Preoperative Issues.
7: Critical Periods for Visual Development and the Timing of Congenital Cataract Surgery.
8: Calculation and Selection of Intraocular Lens Power for Children.
9: Planning Pediatric Cataract Surgery: Diverse Issues.
10: Immediately Sequential Bilateral Pediatric Cataract Surgery.
11: Cost Analyses for the Treatment of Unilateral Childhood Cataracts.
12: Surgical Technique.
13: Historical Overview.
14: Endophthalmitis Prophylaxis.
15: Anesthetic Management of the Pediatric Patient with Cataracts.
16: Principles of Incision Construction, Location, and Closure in Pediatric Cataract Surgery.
17: Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Heparin in Pediatric Cataract Surgery.
18: Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices.
19: Anterior Capsule Management.
20: Hydrodissection.
21: Lens Substance Aspiration.
22: Posterior Capsulectomy and Anterior Vitrectomy for the Management of Pediatric Cataracts.
23: Current Vitrectomy Concepts and Techniques for the Pediatric Anterior Segment Surgeon.
24: Intraocular Triamcinolone in Pediatric Cataract Surgery.
25: Lensectomy and Anterior Vitrectomy When an Intraocular Lens Is Not Being Implanted.
26: Intraocular Lens: Experimental Studies and Clinical Applications.
27: Primary Intraocular Lens Implantation in Children.
28: Role of Intraocular Lens Optic Capture in Pediatric Cataract Surgery.
29: Bag-in-the-Lens.
30: Polypseudophakia (Piggyback IOLs).
31: Multifocal and Accommodative Intraocular Lens Implantation in Children.
32: Astigmatism Correction in Children with Cataracts.
33: Secondary Intraocular Lens Implantation in Children: In-the-Bag and Ciliary Sulcus Fixation.
34: Intraocular Lens Implantation in the Absence of Capsular Support.
35: Management of Cataract Associated with Ocular and Systemic Comorbidity.
36: Preexisting Posterior Capsule Defects.
37: Persistent Fetal Vasculature.
38: Traumatic Cataracts in Children.
39: Aniridia and Cataracts.
40: Ectopia Lentis.
41: Pediatric Cataract Surgery in Eyes with Uveitis.
42: Retinopathy of Prematurity.
43: Pediatric Radiation-Induced Cataracts in Retinoblastoma.
44: Pediatric Cataract Associated with Ocular and Systemic Anomalies.
45: Pediatric Cataracts in Developing-World Settings.
46: Postoperative Management, Complications, and Outcome.
47: Postoperative Medications and Follow-Up.
48: Measuring and Managing Residual Refractive Error after Intraocular Lens Implantation.
49: Correction of Aphakia: Glasses and Contact Lens.
50: Visual Outcome after Pediatric Cataract Surgery.
51: Amblyopia Management in the Pediatric Cataract Patient.
52: Strabismus in Pediatric Aphakia and Pseudophakia.
53: Intraoperative and Postoperative Complications.
54: Opacification of the Ocular Media.
55: Postoperative Glaucoma.
56: Myopic Shift in Pseudophakie and Aphakic Eyes of Children.
57: Quality of Life in Pediatric Cataracts.
58: Low Vision Rehabilitation.
59: Future of Pediatric Cataract Surgery.
60: Future Direction.