U.S. Senate Historical Office Oral History Collection: Interviews with Senate Staff

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The oral history program of the U.S. Senate Historical Office records the experiences of Senate staff members (plus one senator) who were among the first professionals appointed after the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946. These oral histories offer a detailed view of Senate personalities and processes, from the Truman through the Reagan administration. (The interviews can be purchased separately.)

Interviews Available:

Francis J. Attig, Senate service 1952-1974

Leonard H. Ballard, Senate service 1947-1984

Donald J. Detwiler, Senate service 1917-18

Roy L. Elson, Senate service 1955-1969

Grover W. Ensley, Senate service 1949-1957

William Hildenbrand, Senate service 1961-1984

F. Nordy Hoffman, Senate service 1975-1981

Pat M. Holt, Senate service 1950-1977;

J. Franklin Little, Senate service 1910-1912

Stewart E. McClure, Senate service 1949-1973

Carl M. Marcy, Senate service 1950-1973

Scott I. Peek, Senate service 1952-1963

Warren Featherstone Reid, Senate service 1949-50, 1964-1981

Floyd M. Riddick, Senate service 1947-1974

William A. Ridgley, Senate service 1949-1977

Darrell St. Claire, Senate service 1933-1939, 1949-1977

Dorothye G. Scott, Senate service 1945-1977

Howard Shuman, Senate service 1955-1982

George A. Smathers, U.S. Senator from Florida 1951-1969

George Tames

Rein J. Vander Zee, Senate service 1961-1964

Jerry T. Verkler, Senate service 1963-1974

Ruth Young Watt, Senate service 1949-1979

Francis O. Wilcox, Senate service 1947-1955

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