8th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems, 1st Edition

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This book contains the papers from the 2013 International Conference on Compressors and Their Systems, held from 9-10 September at City University London. The long-running conference series is the ultimate global forum for reviewing the latest developments and novel approaches in compressor research. High-quality technical papers are sourced from around the globe, covering technology development, operation, maintenance and reliability, safety and environmental impact, energy efficiency and carbon footprint, system integration and behaviour, upgrades and refurbishment, design and manufacture, education and professional development. All the papers are previously unpublished and constitute leading edge research.

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Absolute Precision in Rotor Design.
World Pioneers of Rotary Twin Screw Compressors.
Kapp rx 120: New Technology for Rotor Grinding.
1: Keynote Papers.
2: What Does the Future Hold for Compressor Manufacturers?.
3: Recent Research of Novel Compression Concepts for Vapor Compression Heat Pumping, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.
4: Sliding Vane Rotary Compressor Technology and Energy Saving.
5: Compressor Systems.
6: Experimental Study of Compressor Operating Characteristics and Performance When Using Refrigerants R32, R1234yf, and Two New Low GWP Developmental Refrigerants as Drop-In Replacements for R410A.
7: Performance and Suitability Comparisons of Some R22 Possible Substitute Refrigerants.
8: Oil Level Measurement in Oil-Injected Screw Compressor Packages Used in the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Refrigeration and Fuel Gas Markets.
9: Simulation of a Cold Climate Heat Pump Furnished with a Scroll Compressor with Multiple Vapor Injection Lines.
10: Compressor for Exhaust Treatment of Non-Road Vehicles.
11: Screw Pulsation Generation and Control: A Shock Tube Mechanism.
12: Numerical Analysis of Unsteady Behaviour of a Screw Compressor Plant System.
13: Optimization of Integrated Energy Process in China Industrial Compressed Air System.
14: Investigation on Working Characteristics of Micro Compressed Air Energy Storage System.
15: Energy Efficiency.
16: Compressor and System Energy Efficiency Improvements through Lubricant Optimization.
17: Energy Saving in Sliding Vane Rotary Compressors.
18: Energy Recovery Using Sliding Vane Rotary Expanders.
19: Screw Compressor.
20: Calculation of Discharge Pressure Pulsations of a Screw Compressor Using the One-Dimensional Method of Characteristics.
21: Discussion of Actual Profile Clearances’ Calculation Method in Rotary Compressors in the Absence of Rotor Timing Units.
22: Theoretical Analysis of Loads on the Gate Rotor Bearings in the Single Screw Compressor.
23: Theoretical Analysis of Loads on the Gate Rotor Bearings in the Single Screw Compressors.
24: Experimental Validation of a Geometry Model for Twin Screw Machines.
25: Thermodynamic Simulation of Multi-Stage Screw Compressors Using Chamber-Based Screw Model.
26: Effect of Variable Volume Index on Performance of Single Screw Compressor.
27: Investigations of Deformation Failure of the Slide Valve in Single Screw Refrigeration Compressors.
28: Scroll Compressors.
29: Assessment of Reed Valve Dynamic Behavior in a Scroll Compressor through Visualization.
30: Fatigue Design and Safety Factor for Scroll Compressor Wraps.
31: Simulation Model to Predict Temperature Distribution along Scroll Wraps.
32: Oil Flow at Discharge Valve in a Scroll Compressor.
33: Novel Compressors and Manufacturing Technologies.
34: Analysis and Development of a New Compressor Device Based on the New Finned Piston.
35: Oil-Flooded Screw Vacuum Pumps with a Novel Flexible Discharge Port Design.
36: Spool Compressor Tip Seal Design Considerations.
37: Generating Grinding in Rotor Production – KAPP Rotor Grinding Machine RX 120.
38: Experimental Study of Noise and Vibration Reduction in a Medium-Size Oil-Flooded Twin-Screw Compressor by the Application of Helix Relief.
39: Reciprocating Compressors.
40: Survey of Factors Influencing Reciprocating Compressor Efficiencies and Discharge Gas Temperatures.
41: An Investigation of the Heat Transfer Phenomena between the Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor Components.
42: Study of Aerodynamic Noise in Hermetic Refrigerator Compressor.
43: Expanders.
44: Physics of a Dry Running Unsynchronized Twin Screw Expander.
45: 3D CFD Analysis of a Twin Screw Expander.
46: Sizing Models and Performance Analysis of Volumetric Expansion Machines for Waste Heat Recovery through Organic Rankine Cycles on Passenger Cars.
47: Simulation of Expansion Process in Positive Displacement Expander.
48: Investigation on a Scroll Expander for Waste Heat Recovery on Internal Combustion Engines.
49: Turbo Machines.
50: Oil-Free Centrifugal Refrigeration Compressors: From HFC134a to HFO1234ze(E).
51: The Application of the Universal Modeling Method to Development of Centrifugal Compressor Model Stages.
52: Flow and Performance Investigation of the Specially Designed Channel Diffuser of Centrifugal Compressor.
53: Investigation of Gas Flow with Injection in Vaneless Diffuser of Centrifugal Compressor.
54: Experimental Study of Radial Low Specific Speed Turbocompressor Running in Reverse as Turboexpander.
55: Shape Optimization of a Centrifugal Compressor Impeller.
56: Centrifugal Compressor Efficiency Types and Rational Application.
57: Valves.
58: Historic Review of Attempts to Model Valve Dynamics.
59: Numerical Analysis of Seat Impact of Reed Type Valves.
60: The Improved Valve Assembly of Swash Plate Compressor for Vehicle Air Conditioning System.
61: Transient and Dynamic Numerical Simulation of the Fluid Flow through Valves Based on Large Eddy Simulation Models.
62: Computational Fluid Dynamics.
63: Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Develop Improved One-Dimensional Thermodynamic Analyses of Refrigerant Screw Compressors.
64: Cfd Grid Generation and Analysis of Screw Compressor with Variable Geometry Rotors.
65: Cfd Modelling of Scroll Compressor Intermediate Discharge Ports.
66: Cfd Analysis of Pressure Pulsation in Screw Compressors – Combine Theory with Practice.
67: Cfd Analyses of a Radial Inflow Turbine.
68: Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Efficiency of Vaned Diffuser of Centrifugal Compressor.
69: Simulation and Validation of the Compressor Stage of a Turbocharger Using Openfoam.
70: Influence of the Suction Arrangement and Geometry of the Inlet Port on the Performance of Twin Screw Compressors.
71: Modelling.
72: A New Dynamic Heat Pump Simulation Model with Variable Speed Compressors under Frosting Conditions.
73: Developing Simulation Tools for Design of Low Charge Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems.
74: Modeling of Small-Size Turbocharger Compressors’ Performance Curves.
75: Development of a Generalized Steady-State Simulation Framework for Positive Displacement Compressors and Expanders.
76: A Parallel Object Oriented Code Framework for Numerical Simulation of Reciprocating Compressors – Introduction of Solid Parts Modeling.
77: Analysis of the Basic Geometrical Parameters Influence on the Efficiency of the Roots-Type Compressor on the Basis of Thermodynamic Processes Simulation.
78: A Comprehensive Simulation Model of the Dynamics of the Revolving Vane Machine.
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