Science, Technology and Society: The Impact of Science Throughout History: The Impact of Science in the 20th Century, 1st Edition

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This informative reference series is designed to help students understand the impact that science has had on the course of human history. Each set (the 18th and 20th century sets will come out in 2001 and 2002) focuses on a particular time period and consists of five topically arranged chapters covering life sciences, mathematics, medicine, physical sciences and technology. Chapters include a topic-specific chronology; a brief overview essay; 10-12 essays on the theories, inventions and major concepts discovered during the period; 10-12 biographies of pioneering scientists; lists of additional resources; and more. Additional features include approximately 60 black-and-white illustrations per volume, sidebars highlighting words to know and activity ideas, and general and subject indexes.


"Although there are many science resources for students at the middle-school level and up, this one offers a refreshing perspective. The Facts On File Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Society (1999) covers some similar ground but is designed for an older audience. The UXL set fits in perfectly with the curricula and should be on the A list for purchase by most school and public libraries." -- Booklist (Febraury 2003)

— Booklist

"This three-volume set is designed to help students, ages 9-12, understand the impact that inventions and discoveries of the twentieth century had on the course of human history... These three volumes examine �scientific advances within their historical context, show how social trends and events influenced science and how scientific developments changed people�s lives.� Photographs are abundant especially in the biography sections; especially helpful are the �words to know� areas within the specific chapters. With all the changes in science this set of volumes would be extremely useful in an elementary school library reference area." -- Catholic Library World (June 2003)

— Voice of Youth Advocates