Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, 1st Edition

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Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is based on the 8th International Symposium of the same name (ISHVAC2013), which took place in Xi'an on October 19-21, 2013. The conference series was initiated at Tsinghua University in 1991 and has since become the premier international HVAC conference initiated in China, playing a significant part in the development of HVAC and indoor environmental research and industry around the world. This international conference provided an exclusive opportunity for policy-makers, designers, researchers, engineers and managers to share their experience. Considering the recent attention on building energy consumption and indoor environments, ISHVAC2013 provided a global platform for discussing recent research on and developments in different aspects of HVAC systems and components, with a focus on building energy consumption, energy efficiency and indoor environments. These categories span a broad range of topics, and the proceedings provide readers with a good general overview of recent advances in different aspects of HVAC systems and related research. As such, they offer a unique resource for further research and a valuable source of information for those interested in the subject. The proceedings are intended for researchers, engineers and graduate students in the fields of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), indoor environments, energy systems, and building information and management. Angui Li works at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Yingxin Zhu works at Tsinghua University and Yuguo Li works at The University of Hong Kong.

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1: Energy System.
2: Net-Zero Energy Technical Shelter.
3: The Study on Paraffin-Water Emulsion PCM with Low Supercooling Degree.
4: Analysis of Energy Utilization on Digestion Biogas Tri-Generation in Sewage Treatment Works.
5: Approach and Practice of District Energy Planning under Low-Carbon Emission Background.
6: Study on the Heat Insulation Performance of EMU Structure.
7: Thermal Matching of Heat Sources for District Heating System Based on Energy Quality.
8: Performance Analysis of Single Well Groundwater Heat Pump Systems Based on Sand Tank Experiment.
9: Investigating the Thermal Performance of Horizontal Slinky Ground Heat Exchangers for Geothermal Heat Pump.
10: The Secondary Ring-Shaped Pipe Network Optimization Design of a District Cooling Project in Chongqing.
11: Factor Analysis for Evaluating Energy-Saving Potential of Electric-Driven Seawater Source Heat Pump District Heating System over Boiler House District Heating System.
12: A Review on Radiant Cooling System in Buildings of China.
13: Performance Analysis on Energy-Storage Heat Transfer Process.
14: Analysis and Optimization on Solar Energy Chemical Heat Storage Material.
15: CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater: System Design and Experimental Study.
16: Design and Analysis on a Kind of Compound Renewable Energy System for Heating.
17: Operation Regulation of Combined District Heating Systems with Multiple Large-Scale Peak-Shaving Heat Sources.
18: Study on the Energy System of Ice Storage Air Conditioning of China World Trade Center Phase 3 by the Method of ‘Local-Global Optimization’.
19: Experimental Study on Heat Transfer of Pool Boiling and In-tube Condensation.
20: Optimum Design of a Solar-Driven Ejector Cooling System.
21: Influence of Intermittent Operation on Soil Temperature and Energy Storage Duration of Ground-Source Heat Pump System for Residential Building.
22: China’s Low-Carbon Economy and Regional Energy Efficiency Index Analysis.
23: HVAC&R Component and System.
24: A Flexibility Chilled Beam System in Hot and Humid Climate.
25: Experimental Evaluation of a Total Heat Recovery Unit with Polymer Membrane Foils.
26: Radiant Floor Behavior in Removing Cooling Loads from Large Glassed Buildings.
27: Influence of Different Temperature Control Patterns through TRV on District Heating Loads.
28: Window Operation and Its Impacts on Thermal Comfort and Energy Use.
29: An Evaluation of Filtration and Air Cleaning Equipment Performance in Existing Installations with Regard to Acceptable IAQ Attainment.
30: Variation Law of Aqua Ammonia Falling Film Absorption Vertically Outside of Transversally Grooved Tube.
31: Experimental Research on Resistance Characteristics of Filtering Materials of Biofilter Process of Sludge Composting Plants.
32: Research of Data Center Fresh Air Ventilation Cooling System.
33: Design Principle of Air Curtain Ventilation.
34: The Comparison of Cooling Performance between New-Type Capillary Radiant Panel and Traditional Radiant Panel.
35: Analysis on Influence Factors of Lewis Number in a Crossflow Reversibly Used Cooling Tower by Experimental Investigation.
36: Study on Energy Efficiency Evaluation Method of Cooling Water System of Surface Water Source Heat Pump.
37: Experimental Measurement of Airflow Turbulence Characteristics in a Full-Size Aircraft Cabin.
38: Measurement and Control System of HVAC&R Integration Testing Platform.
39: Discussion on Testing Method of Ventilation System Air Leakage Rate.
40: Dynamics Characteristics of an Indirect District Heating System and Operational Optimization.
41: Simulation on a Two-Stage Compression Heat Pump with Focus on Optimum Control.
42: Experimental Analysis of Direct Evaporative Cooling in Special Temperature Range and Extended Application Study.
43: Hydraulic and Thermodynamic Condition Analysis of Unidirectional Loop Hot Water Heating System.
44: Experimental Study on Measuring the Amount of Jet Entrainment by the Tracer Gas Concentration Method.
45: Experimental Investigation of Airflow Pattern of Fabric Air Dispersion System.
46: Dynamic Soil Temperature of Ground-Coupled Heat Pump System in Cold Region.
47: Study on Heat Transfer of Soil Thermal Recovery of Ground Source Heat Pump System.
48: Optimized Configuration of Cooling Source in Districted CCHP System: A Case Study in Guangxi.
49: Experimental Study on Performance Comparison Between Heavy and Lightweight Radiant Floor Cooling Combined with Underfloor Ventilation Air Conditioning System.
50: Optimization and Energy Efficiency Research of a Large Reclaimed Water Source Heat Pump System.
51: Study on Thermal Storage Performance of Phase Change Heat Storage Type Air Conditioning Cooling Reservoir in Civil Air Defense Engineering.
52: Study on Components Match of Solar-Ground Source Heat Pump and Heating Network Complementary Heating System in Severe Cold Region.
53: Experimental Study on Running Spacing of Buried Pipe and System Heating Performance in GSHP System.
54: Electricity Consumption of Pumps in Heat Exchanging Stations of DH Systems in China.
55: The Study on Thermal Property of the Rural Traditional Kang Surface within 24 Hours.
56: Comparison of the Distribution and Concentration of Dust Particles by Different Ventilated Systems.
57: Research and Apply on DCS Based Water-Source Heat Pump System.
58: Waste Heat Recovery System Using Coal-Fired Boiler Flue Gas to Heat Heating Network Return Water.
59: District Heating System Adjustment Theoretical Based on Heat Users’ Real Load.
60: Design of Split Evaporative Air Conditioner of Evaporative Cooling and Semiconductor Refrigeration.
61: Energy-Efficient Heating and Domestic Hot Water Systems Suitable for Different Regions.
62: Match Properties of Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in the Internally-Cooled Liquid Desiccant System.
63: Frosting Characteristics of Fin-Tube Heat Exchanger at Temperature Range of –18 to 6 °C of a Cascade Heat Pump.
64: Research on the Character of Discharge Temperature of Air Conditioning System with R32.
65: Experimental Study of Heat Transfer and Resistance on Finned Tube Exchanger.
66: Analytical Thermal Analysis of Novel Foundation Pile Ground Heat Exchanger with Spiral Coils.
67: The Experimental Analysis of GSHP_RF Heating System in Controlled Operation.
68: Feasibility Analysis of Utilizing the Concrete Pavement as a Seasonal Heat Storage Device for the Ground-Coupled Heat Pump System.
69: Retrofit of Air-Conditioning System in Data Center Using Separate Heat Pipe System.
70: The Model for the Separation Efficiency of the Electrostatic Cyclone Dust Collector.
71: The Exploration on Heat Transfer Models for Borehole Heat Exchanger in the Soil with Groundwater Advection.
72: Numerical Calculation and Analysis of Apply for the Heat Transfer Performance of Porous Brick.
73: Optimized Design of Ground-Source Heat Pump System Heat Exchanger.
74: Positive Investigation on the Reliability of Groundwater Source Heat Pump System Usage in Yangling Normal Community.
75: The Combined Operating of Radiant Floor and Fresh Air Coil in Field Experiment.
76: The Complementary Heating Energy Ratio Research of Solar: Ground Source Heat Pump and Heating Network in Cold Regions.
77: Investigation and Analysis of the Heat Pump Application in Shenyang.
78: Experimental Study on Unsteady State Properties of Ceiling Radiant Cooling Panels System.
79: Orthogonal Test and Regression Analysis on Filtration Performance of PSA/Needle-Punched PSA Filter Material.
80: Research on Condensation Pressure and Temperature of Heat Pumps Using Blends of CO2 with Butane and Isobutane.
81: Exergy Analysis of a Ground Source Heat Pump System under Cooling and Heating Conditions.
82: Ultrasonic Vibration for Instantaneously Removing Frozen Water Droplets from Cold Vertical Surface.
83: Experiment of a New Partitions Filler Regeneration Performance.
84: Theoretical Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Coupled Relationship of Heat and Mass Transfer between Air and Desiccant in Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification.
85: Analysis of the Floor Heat Storage and Release during an Intermittent In-Slab Floor Heating Process.
86: Erratum to: The Study on Thermal Property of the Rural Traditional Kang Surface within 24 Hours.