Technology 360

  • Published By: Lucent Press (Rosen)
  • Advances in information technology are changing the way we record history, communicate with others, entertain ourselves, and conduct business. As these increasingly more sophisticated tools and applications have become an integral part of our personal lives, they have also had a profound impact on larger aspects of society, in fields as diverse as education, medicine, commerce and law. To better navigate in this increasingly digital and interdependent world, it is vital to understand the nature and operation of technical systems as well as the ethical, cultural and societal issues related to them.

    Technology 360 demonstrates how this technology has evolved, transforming life at home, work and school. Each volume focuses on a particular invention or device, such as the cell phone or laser technology. Through careful explanations and insightful analysis, readers will learn about the device's development, how it works, its impact on society and likely future uses.