The Illustrated Bible Story By Story, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 4th Grade - 6th Grade
  • 512 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2012 | Published/Released October 2012
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2012

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The Illustrated Bible Story By Story is an indispensable retelling of the stories that have absorbed readers for centuries. Authenticated by a team of expert biblical scholars and historians, it traces the events and places that have shaped the scriptures, book by book, prophet by prophet, miracle by miracle. Packed with biblical quotations, location maps, archeological evidence, and fact-filled panels, this richly illustrated book enables everyone who picks it up to enjoy and understand it as never before. DK's Illustrated Bible Story By Story retells the best-known stories from the Old and New Testaments, and explains their context. The broad scope of information contained within the book ranges from detail on the historical, geographical and cultural backdrop to analysis of Biblical stories and symbolism. As well as dedicated context pages at intervals through the book and in a reference section at the end, material is worked into the story spreads through panels, specially commissioned maps, and timelines.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
1: The History of the Bible.
2: From Tablets of Stone.
3: The Hebrew Scriptures.
4: The Christian Scriptures.
5: The Gospel Writers.
6: Dead Sea Scrolls Rediscovered.
7: The Bible in the World.
8: The Old Testament.
Old Testament Lands.
9: Beginnings.
10: Creation.
11: The Garden of Eden.
12: Tempted by the Serpent.
13: The Fall.
14: Cain and Abel.
15: The Great Flood.
16: The Tower of Babel.
17: The Patriarchs.
18: God Calls Abram.
19: God Makes a Covenant.
Gods and Goddesses.
20: Abraham, Hagar, and Ishmael.
21: Sodom and Gomorrah.
22: Abraham and Isaac.
23: A Wife for Isaac.
Marriage and Family Life.
24: Esau and Jacob.
25: A Father’s Blessing.
26: Jacob’s Ladder.
27: Jacob is Cheated.
28: A Nation Begins.
29: Jacob Wrestles with God.
30: Joseph and His Brothers.
31: Pharaoh’s Dreams.
32: Brothers Reconciled.
33: The Exodus.
34: Hebrews Enslaved in Egypt.
35: The Baby in the Bulrushes.
36: God Calls Moses.
37: The Ten Plagues.
38: The Passover.
39: Escape from Egypt.
40: In the Desert.
41: The Ten Commandments.
42: God’s Laws for Israel.
43: Priests and Sacrifices.
44: The Tabernacle and the Ark.
45: Wanderings in the Wilderness.
46: Into the Promised Land.
The Land of Canaan.
47: Crossing the Jordan.
48: The Capture of Jericho.
49: Taking the Promised Land.
50: The Judges.
51: Gideon the Leader.
52: Samson’s Story.
53: Ruth and Naomi.
Villages, Towns, and Cities.
54: The Kingdom of Israel.
55: The Ark, Lost and Regained.
56: Saul, Israel’s First King.
57: Saul Forsakes God.
58: God Calls David.
59: David and Goliath.
60: Saul and Jonathan.
61: David the Outlaw.
62: David Becomes King.
63: The Ark is Brought to Jerusalem.
64: David’s Failings.
65: Solomon Becomes King.
66: The Wisdom of Solomon.
67: Solomon’s Temple.
68: The Queen of Sheba.
Trade and Commerce.
69: Wisdom and Praise.
70: Worship in Israel.
71: The Psalms.
Writing and Language.
72: The Story of Job.
73: Wisdom for Life.
74: The Divided Kingdom.
75: Israel and Judah Split.
76: Elijah and the Drought.
77: Elijah and Baal’s Prophets.
78: Elijah and Elisha.
79: Naboth’s Vineyard.
80: Elijah and the Chariot of Fire.
81: Elisha’s Miracles.
82: Jonah and the Great Fish.
The Nations of Mesopotamia.
83: Threat from the East.
84: The Defeat of Israel.
85: The Twelve Minor Prophets.
86: Fall, Exile, and Return.
87: Good Kings, Bad Kings.
88: King Hezekiah.
89: King Josiah.
90: The Prophet Jeremiah.
91: The Fall of Jerusalem.
92: Exile to Babylon.
93: The Prophet Ezekiel.
94: Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar.
The Babylonians.
95: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
96: Daniel in the Lions’ Den.
97: The End of the Exile.
What People Wore.
98: Esther Saves the Jews.
99: Ezra.
100: Rebuilding Jerusalem.
101: Between the Old and New Testaments.
The Impact of Greece.
The Maccabean Revolt.
Rome and Its Empire.
After the Hebrew Bible.
102: The New Testament.
New Testament Lands.
103: Coming of the Messiah.
104: A Son for Zechariah.
105: The Annunciation.
106: The Birth of John the Baptist.
Mary, Mother of Jesus.
107: The Birth of Jesus.
108: The Visit of the Magi.
109: Jesus Presented in the Temple.
110: Escape to Egypt.
111: In My Father’s House.
112: The Kingdom of God.
John the Baptist.
113: The Baptism of Jesus.
114: Temptation in the Wilderness.
Food and Drink.
115: The Wedding Feast at Cana.
116: Jesus and the Samaritan Woman.
117: Jesus Calls His First Disciples.
118: Miracles at Capernaum.
119: Sermon on the Mount.
Jewish Rituals.
120: Challenges to the Sabbath.
The 12 Apostles.
121: The Widow’s Son.
122: You are My Brothers and Sisters.
123: A Woman Anoints Jesus’ Feet.
124: The Sower and the Seed.
Farming and Fishing.
125: Jesus Calms the Storm.
126: Demons and the Herd of Pigs.
127: Jairus’ Daughter.
128: A Prophet without Honor.
129: Jesus Sends Out His Followers.
130: Death of John the Baptist.
131: Feeding the 5,000.
132: Jesus Walks on Water.
133: Jesus in Tyre and Sidon.
134: Who do You Say I am?.
135: The Transfiguration.
136: Healing a Boy of an Evil Spirit.
137: The Good Samaritan.
138: Jesus in Jerusalem.
Herod’s Jerusalem.
139: The Great Banquet.
Sadducees and Pharisees.
140: The Prodigal Son.
141: Lazarus Raised from the Dead.
142: Workers in the Vineyard.
143: A Blind Man and a Tax Collector.
144: Parable of the Coins.
145: The Cross and the Tomb.
146: A King Astride a Donkey.
Herod’s Temple.
147: Driving Out the Temple Traders.
148: The Anointing at Bethany.
149: The Last Supper.
150: Betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane.
151: Interrogation and Trial.
152: Peter’s Denial.
153: Jesus before Pilate.
154: The Crucifixion.