The Thaddeus Stevens Papers

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Known as the "scourge of the South," Thaddeus Stevens was probably the most powerful legislator of the Civil War era. This microform edition includes all of his known correspondence; business records; speeches drawn from the congressional Globe and other publications; the cases he pled; minutes from the Ways and Means Committee; and reports he authored.

The papers are in four series:

SERIES I: general correspondence, miscellaneous documents, records of business transactions, arranged chronologically

SERIES II: speeches and resolutions, arranged chronologically

SERIES III: legal arguments and legal and business papers, arranged chronologically

SERIES IV: congressional committee minutes, arranged alphabetically, then chronologically

Documents are accompanied by an identifying label and indexed by name of correspondent, speech, legal argument, or committee. The printed guide contains a roll listing, description of the contents, and indexes.

Number of rolls: 12

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