Native American Tribes, 1st Edition

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As indigenous peoples of the “New World,” Native Americans had established working societies long before Europeans arrived on the shores of North America. Each tribe had its own unique identity even as it shared certain traditions, customs, means of sustenance, housing patterns, and beliefs with neighboring groups in a given culture area. These volumes dig beneath the surface to examine what life truly was like for American Indians before, during, and after European settlement. Detailed sidebars highlight notable individuals, events, and concepts. Focused analysis of individual tribes within each culture area. Glossaries explain key terms and ideas.

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Native American Tribes: American Indians of California, the Great Basin, and the Southwest  (ISBN-10: 1615307125 | ISBN-13: 9781615307128)

The geographically distinct American territories of California, the Great Basin, and the Southwest have long sustained a variety of indigenous peoples, including the Miwok, Comanche, and Navajo, respectively. An examination of each of these culture areas yields rich histories filled with steadfast traditions and religious practices, subsistence patterns dictated by geographic location, and social interactions within and between tribes. This absorbing volume surveys the history of the various groups that form these culture areas as well as the spiritual, cultural, and social practices that distinguish each tribe.

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Native American Tribes: American Indians of the Northeast and Southeast  (ISBN-10: 1615307141 | ISBN-13: 9781615307142)

Sharing a number of traditions and practices, the Native American tribes of the Northeast and Southeast regions of the United States are sometimes considered as a single culture area known as the Eastern Woodlands. Despite their cultural similarities, however, each region, and each tribe within each region, has its own customs and histories that distinguish one from another. This engaging volume examines the history of the indigenous peoples, including their first encounters with European colonizers and conquerors, as well as the various native languages, rituals, kinship, and characteristics that have survived despite Western influence and assimilation practices.

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Native American Tribes: American Indians of the Plateau and Plains  (ISBN-10: 161530715X | ISBN-13: 9781615307159)

The use of horses has perhaps most dramatically shaped the way of life for Native American tribes in the Plateau and Plains regions of North America, but the practices and traditions of both culture areas date back to a time long before Europeans ever touched American shores, introducing their animals and customs to the continent's indigenous peoples. This captivating volume examines the history and cross-cultural interactions that came to be associated with the peoples of the Plateau and the changing settlement patterns of the Plains peoples, as well as the cultural, social, and spiritual practices that have defined the major tribes of each region.

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Native American Tribes: Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic, Subarctic, and Northwest Coast  (ISBN-10: 1615307133 | ISBN-13: 9781615307135)

The indigenous peoples of North America and Greenland have long inhabited and thrived in a variety of terrains and climates. The three different culture areas of the Arctic, American Subarctic, and American Northwest perhaps best exemplify this—from the sometimes stark environment of the tundra to the moderate conditions of the coastal regions in northern California, the indigenous communities in each found ways to subsist on the resources available to them even when facing social, political, or geographic adversity. This compelling volume examines the histories, lifestyles, and the spiritual and cultural traditions of the diverse groups that make up these culture areas.

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