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Global Issues in Context

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Not a pro and con database, Global Issues in Context ties together sources to present a rich analysis of issues - social, political, military, economic, environmental, science related, health related, cultural - and headlines in world hot spots. It provides information seekers with a framework to better understand 21st-century issues and events while highlighting global connections and the interdependence of all nations.

Global Issues in Context focuses on broad issues, such as war, genocide, terrorism, human rights, poverty, famine, globalization, world trade, nuclear proliferation, and global warming, as well as more specific events and topics in the news that are related to these broader issues. It also includes detailed information on nations to provide a foundation for cross-cultural studies and, International periodicals and news sources that bring additional insight and currency.

Global Issues in Context includes a variety of sources and media formats:

  • Overviews summarizing background information, historical context, and contemporary stances
  • Expert perspectives analyzing an issue or event through multiple aspects
  • Reference documents providing background information on all issues and nations
  • Full-text international magazines, academic journals, and news sources
  • Primary sources
  • Statistics, including interactive graphs, tables, and charts
  • Multimedia elements
  • Links to Web sites, including government sites and organizations

Global Issues in Context also features tools such as a curriculum standards search, Lexiles reading scores for periodicals, a translation feature, research tools and guide, a link to Discovery Education's streaming, a vast digital media library, for customers who subscribe to streaming, and more!

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  • Search Assist.
  • Factboxes on people and geographical topics.
  • Related topics and vetted websites.
  • Highlights and Notes.
  • Recommended Articles.
  • Interactive maps.
  • Translation-on-demand, ReadSpeaker text-to-speech, and font-size adjustments.
  • MLA7, APA, and EasyBib citation tools.
  • Tools to download, print, and share content online.


  • Library Journal’s Biggest Hit with Patrons 2014


"This product could easily be used in a high school or undergraduate library for basic research needs. The students will appreciate the cross-linked articles and the multimedia features. It would also be a welcome addition to larger public libraries for patrons researching countries for business needs and travel to foreign countries or patrons interested in current events."

— American Reference Books Annual

"Global Issues in Context is a well-structured and diverse database that contains international viewpoints on a broad spectrum of global issues. It is highly used at the University of Balamand mainly by the English Program faculty and students since information literacy librarians promote it in the customized library sessions that are delivered to the English 101 sections every semester. The sessions are designed around a topic that students need to research using the provided databases in order to fulfill their assignments. In addition, English professors instruct students to use Global Issues in Context for their papers in other courses such as English 102 and intensive English. There are many reasons why the database works well for them: It contains a list of current and updated topics that students can browse and choose from. All topics are listed under a broader subject or discipline. The results display is user friendly and divided into categories (viewpoint, reference, magazines, news, etc.) The database has articles from different points of view in each category. Articles are short and easy to read and understand which is suitable for freshman and sophomore students. Also, librarians use it to help students find a topic to work on in the Library Use and Research Methods class. We highly recommend Global Issues in Context for any university or college since it is a general database for early academic level, it tackles students need directly by offering hands-on topics and information from different perspectives and in many formats."

— Anonymous, University of Balamand Libraries, Lebanon

“In addition to providing a comprehensive look at current international issues, Global Issues in Context also aids with links to important historical context and information on countries and cultures. With an organized and user-friendly interface, content is media-rich - always an attractive feature with secondary school audiences, and offers authoritative analysis from a non-US perspective. Gale's status as a Google App for Education Partner [G Suite for Education Partner] is bonus that enables collaboration among students and teachers.”

— Library Journal