U.S. Army Center of Military History Historical Manuscripts Collection

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This publication reproduces a unique collection of documents that includes narratives, army histories, original records, charts, maps, and photos. The publication may be purchased by individual section or as a whole.
1. China-Burma-India Theater, 1942-1944. 7 rolls (#1-7). Includes History of the China-Burma-India Theater and History of Services of Supply.

2. India-Burma Theater, 1944-1945. 6 rolls (#8-13). Includes History of the India-Burma Theater.

3. China Theater, 1944-1945.

1 roll (#14). Includes History of the China Theater.

4. Southwest Pacific Area Theater. 14 rolls (#15-27 and 54). Includes Report of Operations of USAFFE and USFIP in the Philippine Islands, 1941-1942 and Special Study of the Yokohama War Crimes Trials.

5. Central Pacific/Pacific Ocean Areas Theater. 18 rolls (#28-45). Includes History of Chemical Warfare in the Middle Pacific, 7 December 1941- 2 September 1945 and US Army Forces, Middle Pacific and Predecessor Commands during World War II, 7 December 1941-2 September 1945.

6. South Pacific Theater. 2 rolls (#46-47). Includes Guadalcanal Campaign, 7 August 1942-21 February 1943.

7. Internment, Security, and Prisoner of War Camps Reports. 1 roll (#48). Includes Prisoner of War Camps in Japan and Japanese Controlled Areas as Taken from Reports of Interned American Prisoners.

8. Translations of Japanese Documents. 5 rolls (#49-53). Includes Japanese Night Combat.

Total number of rolls: 54