The Bureau of Social Hygiene Project and Research File, 1913-1940

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Published in cooperation with the Rockefeller Archive Center of Rockefeller University.

The Bureau of Social Hygiene (BSH) was formed in 1913 by John d. Rockefeller, Jr., and others for "the study, amelioration, and prevention of those social conditions, crimes, and diseases which adversely affect the well being of society." With private funding, the BSH sponsored research, education, and publications in the areas of social welfare, eugenics, prostitution, vice control, narcotics, birth control, juvenile delinquency, criminology, and police organization.

This microfilm edition reproduces the two most significant files maintained by the BSH, covering its projects and research interests. The Project File contains material relating to the studies that were undertaken with BSH funding. The Leonard V. Harrison File includes the director's correspondence, reports on research, and other information relating to BSH activities. Both files, organized alphabetically by project, organization, and person, comprise nearly 50,000 pages.

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"Researchers will find information of population studies, eugenics, prostitution, venereal disease, vice control, sex education, birth control, homosexuality, criminology...juvenile delinquency, maternal health, and mental illness. [This] collection should be of interest to a wide variety of scholars." -- Microform Review

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