Man-Machine Interactions 3, 3rd Edition

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Man-Machine Interaction is an interdisciplinary field of research that covers many aspects of science focused on a human and machine in conjunction. Basic goal of the study is to improve and invent new ways of communication between users and computers, and many different subjects are involved to reach the long-term research objective of an intuitive, natural and multimodal way of interaction with machines. The rapid evolution of the methods by which humans interact with computers is observed nowadays and new approaches allow using computing technologies to support people on the daily basis, making computers more usable and receptive to the user's needs.This monograph is the third edition in the series and presents important ideas, current trends and innovations in the man-machine interactions area. The aim of this book is to introduce not only hardware and software interfacing concepts, but also to give insights into the related theoretical background. Reader is provided with a compilation of high-quality original papers covering a wide scope of research topics divided into eleven sections, namely: human-computer interactions, robot control, embedded and navigation systems, bio data analysis and mining, biomedical signal processing, image and sound processing, decision support and expert systems, rough and fuzzy systems, pattern recognition, algorithms and optimization, computer networks and mobile technologies and data management systems.

Table of Contents

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1: Invited Papers.
2: Pattern Recognition with Non-Euclidean Similarities.
3: Case-Based Reasoning and the Statistical Challenges II.
4: Robust Adaptive Predictive Modeling and Data Deluge (Extended Abstract).
5: A Visual Excursion into Parallel Coordinates (Extended Abstract).
6: Human-Computer Interactions.
7: SOM Based Segmentation of Visual Stimuli in Diagnosis and Therapy of Neuropsychological Disorders.
8: Independent Interactive Testing of Interactive Relational Systems.
9: Hypothesis-Driven Interactive ClassiÞcation Based on AVO.
10: Wrist Localization in Color Images for Hand Gesture Recognition.
11: Bimodal Speech Recognition for Robot Applications.
12: Robot Control, Embedded and Navigation Systems.
13: Developing and Implementation of the Walking Robot Control System.
14: Programming of Industrial Object Simulators in ProÞcy HMI/SCADA iFIX System.
15: KUKA Robot Motion Planning Using the 1742 NI Smart Camera.
16: Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Direct Orientation Change Measurements.
17: Managing System Architecture for Multi-Rotor Autonomous Flying Platform-Practical Aspects.
18: Calculation of the Location Coordinates of an Object Observed by a Camera.
19: SMAC-GPS and Radar Data Integration to Set the Status of the Objects in Secure Areas.
20: Bio-Data Analysis and Mining.
21: Comparison of Connectionist and Rough Set Based Knowledge Discovery Methods in Search for Selection in Genes Implicated in Human Familial Cancer.
22: Bit-Parallel Algorithm for the Block Variant of the Merged Longest Common Subsequence Problem.
23: Improvement of FP-Growth Algorithm for Mining Description-Oriented Rules.
24: Comparison of Algorithms for Profile-Based Alignment of Low Resolution MALDI-ToF Spectra.
25: Stochastic Fluctuations in the Mathematical-Simulation Approach to the Protocell Model of RNA World.
26: Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms on Protein-Protein Interactions.
27: Investigation for Genetic Signature of Radiosensitivity – Data Analysis.
28: Biomedical Signal Processing.
29: Fuzzy Approach to Saccades Detection in Optokinetic Nystagmus.
30: Design of Linear-Phase FIR Filters with Time and Frequency Domains Constraints by Means of AI Based Method.
31: Identification of Slow Wave Propagation in the Multichannel (EGG) Electrogastrographical Signal.
32: An Application of Fuzzy C-Regression Models to Characteristic Point Detection in Biomedical Signals.
33: An Application of Myriad M-Estimator for Robust Weighted Averaging.
34: Evolutionary Computation for Design of Preprocessing Filters in QRS Detection Algorithm.
35: Image and Sound Processing.
36: InFeST - ImageJ Plugin for Rapid Development of Image Segmentation Pipelines.
37: Visualization of Heterogenic Images of 3D Scene.
38: Application of the Cellular Automata for Obtaining Pitting Images during Simulation Process of Their Growth.
39: Metaheuristic Optimization of Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation.
40: Implementation of Registration Algorithms for Multiple Views.
41: Multimodal Speech Synthesis for Polish Language.
42: Decision Support and Expert Systems.
43: Intuitionistic Notice Boards for Expert Systems.
44: Multi-Domain Data Integration for Criminal Intelligence.
45: Preference Models and Their Elicitation and Analysis for Context-Aware Applications.
46: Deduction-Based Modelling and VeriÞcation of Agent-Based Systems for Data Integration.
47: Relevance Prevails: Missing Data Treatment in Intelligent Lighting.
48: Some Remarks on Complex Information Systems over Ontological Graphs.
49: Generic Framework for Simulation of Cognitive Systems: A Case Study of Color Category Boundaries.
50: Rough and Fuzzy Systems.
51: Application of the Conditional Fuzzy Clustering with Prototypes Pairs to ClassiÞcation.
52: Environmental Modelling Based on Rough-Fuzzy Approach.
53: Neuro-Fuzzy System Based Kernel for Classification with Support Vector Machines.
54: Transformation of Input Domain for SVM in Regression Task.
55: Video Event Recognition with Fuzzy Semantic Petri Nets.
56: Pattern Recognition.
57: Application of Multidimensional Data Visualization in Creation of Pattern Recognition Systems.
58: Recognition of Emotion Intensity Basing on Neutral Speech Model.
59: Exploiting Co-Occurrence of Low Frequent Terms in Patents.
60: Influence of Low-Level Features Extracted from Rhythmic and Harmonic Sections on Music Genre Classification.
61: Weighting of Attributes in an Embedded Rough Approach.
62: Algorithms and Optimization.
63: Agent-Based Approach to Continuous Optimisation.
64: Kalign-LCS — A More Accurate and Faster Variant of Kalign2 Algorithm for the Multiple Sequence Alignment Problem.
65: Subcubic Algorithms for the Sequence Excluded LCS Problem.
66: Clonal Selection Algorithm in IdentiÞcation of Boundary Condition in the Inverse Stefan Problem.
67: Application of General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units for Acceleration of Basic Linear Algebra Operations and Principal Components Analysis Method.
68: Multiobjective Differential Evolution: A Comparative Study on Benchmark Problems.
69: Fast and Simple Circular Pattern Matching.
70: Computer Networks and Mobile Technologies.
71: Remote Video Verification and Video Surveillance on Android-Based Mobile Devices.
72: Designing Frame Relay WAN Networks with Trade-Off between Link Cost and Performance.
73: Review of Mobility Models for Performance Evaluation of Wireless Networks.
74: An Energy-Efficient Approach to the Design of Two-Tier Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks.
75: Data Management Systems.
76: Applying Task-Aggregating Wrapper to CUDA-Based Method of Query Selectivity Calculation Using Multidimensional Kernel Estimator.
77: The Method of Query Selectivity Estimation for Selection Conditions Based on Sum of Sub-Independent Attributes.
78: The Storage Organisation Inßuence on Database Operations Performance.
79: Spatial Query Optimization Based on Transformation of Constraints.
80: Database Under Pressure Ð Testing Performance of Database Systems Using Universal Multi-Agent Platform.
81: Using Graph Database in Spatial Data Generation.
82: A Performance Comparison of Several Common Computation Tasks Used in Social Network Analysis Performed on Graph and Relational Databases.
Erratum: Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms on Protein-Protein Interactions.
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