World Literature and Its Times: Spanish & Portuguese Literature and Their Times

  • Volume 5
  • Joyce Moss
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World Literature and Its Times helps students and researchers make connections between political/social climate during which books were written and the works themselves. Each volume focuses on major fiction, poetry and nonfiction from a particular country and region, representing approximately 50 works. The detailed essays are approximately 10 pages in length and offer the following features:

  • Introductory profile -- an overview that discuss genre, time, place and other important elements with a synopsis and introduction that places the work in the context of the authors' life
  • Events in history -- a report on the social, political and cultural climate relevant to the work, including primary source documents, charts, timelines and other illustrative materials
  • Literary work in focus -- three sections that place the work in context with an in-depth summary, related history and historical sources
  • Sources for more information -- full citations offering additional sources of information

Additional features include illustrations; maps; author and title tables of contents; sidebars; timelines; advisor information; and an alphabetical index of authors, titles, events and personalities.

The series contains eight volumes covering the following literatures:

  • Latin American literature
  • African literature
  • British & Irish literature (2 volumes - The Victorian Era to the Present and Celtic Migrations to the Reform Bill )
  • Spanish & Portuguese literature
  • Middle Eastern literature
  • Italian literature
  • Classical literature

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"Covering both Spain and Portugal from the earliest surviving example of Spanish literature, the Poema del Cid, through the post-Francoist period, this attractive and well-organized reference work examines poetry, drama, essay, and the novel... I found the sidebars especially enjoyable as they detail the author's personal life and allow further insights into background events, economic issues and customs that make the era come alive. Contributors also discuss films based on the works, spotlighting significant differences and speculating on the reasons for these. In every case, these analyses provide clues to characters' motivations and make the work more understandable for the reader. Authorities in the field have chose the most recognized works of Iberian literature but have gone beyond the canon to include newer writers as well. An extensive examination of the historical and political background to literary masterpieces, World Literature is a fascinating introduction to the field of Peninsular letters and a thorough guide for both students and the general public seeking information on this complex and rewarding field." -- Catholic Library World (June --August 2002)

— Voice of Youth Advocates