Pacifism, Disarmament and International Relations

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Series One: Archives of War Resisters' International: Minutes, Reports and Publications, 1921-1974

This extensive and carefully preserved archive of the World Peace Movement contains a considerable body of printed matter detailing the activities of War Resisters International (WRI).

The WRI was created in 1921 at a meeting of British, Dutch, German and Austrian pacifists at The Hague. Active in 64 countries, the WRI has been prominent for more than 50 years in opposition to every form of war and organized violence, regardless of the policy objectives of the proponents of war. Its work as an international family of war resisters has been central to the movement for world peace for much of this century.

The collection includes: the minutes of council meetings from 1926, and the executive committee since 1956, together with the international minutes since 1956, as well as WRI pamphlets held in its archive, all its bulletins from 1923, its newsletter, its secretary's report, the file of press releases and its major journal War Resister.

Series One: 103 fiche

Series Two: 9 reels

Series Three: Archives of the Peace Pledge Union

Part One: Annual Reports, 1937-1985 and Minute Books, 1936-1972
10 reels

Part Two: The Pacifist, The PPU Journal, Pamphlets, Leaflets and other Publications, 1936-1986
17 reels

Series Three: 27 reels

Complete Collection: 36 reels and 103 fiche