Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range: Adventures of Bravery and Daring in the Wild West, 1st Edition

  • Series Name: Five Star Frontier Fiction Standing Order Plan
  • Rod Miller
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  • ISBN-13: 9781432828028
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  • 184 Pages | Print | Hardcover
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Was Rawhide Robinson really there when the Grand Canyon came to be? Is he responsible for Pikes Peak? And how about riding horseback to Hawaii?

Although an ordinary cowboy in every respect‚ Rawhide Robinson lays claim to these extraordinary accomplishments‚ and more. While on a trail drive from Texas to Dodge City‚ he regales his cowboy companions with campfire tales that entertain and amuse‚ inspire awe‚ and invite skepticism. Saddle up and ride along. Then‚ at the end of the day‚ after a cowboy supper of beans‚ bacon‚ biscuits‚ and scalding coffee‚ sit back and relax around the campfire while Rawhide Robinson launches into another extraordinary — and true — adventure of bravery and daring in the Wild West.

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"Forget Pecos Bill, Deadwood Dick, and even Buffalo Bill. Rawhide Robinson tops them all in Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range. Rod Miller tells this outrageous story with a dry wit and a keen ear and eye for the absurd. Chances are, you've never met a bigger liar than Rawhide Robinson or a funnier storyteller than Rod Miller!" — Johnny D. Boggs, author of Wreaths of Glory and Greasy Grass

— Johnny D. Boggs

"Move over Pecos Bill. Step aside Bunyan, and take that mangy blue ox with you. There's a new man riding the range, a teller of tales as tall as the Rocky Mountains and as slick as a goose on grease. His name is Rawhide Robinson, and he's about to take you on a cattle drive the likes of which hasn't been seen since Gus and Woodrow rode up the trail to Montana's Milk River. With Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range, two-time Spur Award–winning author Rod Miller has created a fun and fascinating fable of the American West, chock-full of genuine cowboy lore, side-splitting wit, and occasional doses of wisdom tossed in as garnishment. Take this ride along with Enos Atkins, Doak, Arizona, a kid called McCarty, and Rawhide Robinson. It'll be more fun than a bronc at the breakfast fire!" — Michael Zimmer, author of City of Rocks and Rio Tinto

— Michael Zimmer