The Republican Party: Documents Decoded, 1st Edition

  • Douglas B. Harris Assistant Professor of Government, Politics and Political Economy
  • Lonce Bailey
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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - College Senior
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An ideal research tool for advanced high school students in government and history classes as well as undergraduate students enrolled in political science and history courses, The Republican Party: Documents Decoded presents documents, transcripts of speeches, photographs, political cartoons, and campaign materials to define the status of the Republican Party in the early 21st century. Focusing on its leaders, key principles, organization, and the basis of its political support, the book provides readers with the knowledge and understanding to answer the key questions: For what does the party actually stand? What must Republicans do to move past recent negative perceptions of their party? And can it reclaim the White House in 2016? The source documents and commentary by expert scholars will help students and readers to analyze and evaluate the content themselves in order to reach their own conclusions of where today's Republican party stands on the key issues, such as health care reform, relations between church and state, foreign policy, education, reproductive rights, gun control, and immigration.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: The Republican Party’s Origins, Evolution, and Transformation.
1: The Legacy of Abraham Lincoln.
2: Jeffersonian Roots: Republican Party Platform; June 18, 1856.
3: “We are not Enemies”: Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address; March 4, 1861.
4: “With Malice toward None”: Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address; March 4, 1865.
5: “The Punishment of Belligerent Traitors”: Thaddeus Stevens’s Speech on Reconstruction; March 19, 1867.
6: The Compromise Choice: James Garfield’s Inaugural Address; March 4, 1881.
7: “Obstructions in the National House”: Thomas Brackett Reed, North American Review; October 1889.
8: “Legislation Helpful to Producers is Beneficial to all”: William McKinley’s First Inaugural Address; March 4, 1897.
9: Progressives to 1940.
10: “Dangers That Threaten Representative Government”: Robert La Follette’s Address to the State Agricultural Society at Milwaukee; September 1898.
11: Remnants of Reconstruction: Republican Party Platform; June 21, 1904.
12: The Beginnings of New Nationalism: Theodore Roosevelt’s Nomination Acceptance Speech; July 27, 1904.
13: “A Government through Parties”: Joe Cannon’s Speech following the March Revolt; March 19, 1910.
14: New Nationalism: Theodore Roosevelt’s Speech at the John Brown Celebration; August 31, 1910.
15: A Government of Laws: Republican Party Platform; June 18, 1912.
16: “On Popular Unrest”: William H. Taft’s Campaign Speech; 1912.
17: “Principles and Ideals of the United States Government”: Herbert Hoover’s Campaign Speech; October 22, 1928.
18: Limited Government: Republican Party Platform; 1932.
19: Democracy in the Republican Party: Wendell Willkie’s Nomination Acceptance Speech; August 17, 1940.
20: The Emerging Party, 1944–1964.
21: “The Ablest Men and Women”: Thomas Dewey’s Nomination Acceptance Speech; June 28, 1944.
22: “The Enemies from Within”: Joe McCarthy’s Anticommunist Speech; February 9, 1950.
23: The Checkers Speech: Richard Nixon’s “Fund Speech”; September 23, 1952.
24: “A Party of the Future”: Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Nomination Acceptance; August 23, 1956.
25: The Military-Industrial Complex: Dwight Eisenhower’s Farewell Speech; January 17, 1961.
26: Extremism in the Republican Party: Nelson Rockefeller’s Speech at the Republican National Convention; July 14, 1964.
27: Extremism is No Vice: Barry Goldwater’s Nomination Acceptance Speech; July 16, 1964.
28: “A Time for Choosing”: Ronald Reagan’s Campaign Speech; October 27, 1964.
29: Republicans 1968–1988.
30: “Negotiate from Strength”: Richard Nixon’s Nomination Acceptance Speech; August 8, 1968.
31: Attack on the Intellectual Elite: Spiro Agnew’s Campaign Speech; May 22, 1970.
32: The Politics of People: Richard Nixon’s Nomination Acceptance Speech; August 23, 1972.
33: “I have never been a Quitter”: Richard Nixon’s Resignation; August 8, 1974.
34: “Government is the Problem”: Ronald Reagan’s First Inaugural Address; January 20, 1981.
35: The “Evil Empire”: Ronald Reagan’s Speech to the National Association of Evangelicals; March 8, 1983.
36: “A Springtime of Hope”: Ronald Reagan’s Nomination Acceptance Speech; August 23, 1984.
37: A Republican Revolution.
38: “A Thousand Points of Light”: George H. W. Bush’s Nomination Acceptance Speech; August 18, 1988.
39: Beginnings of the Culture War: Patrick J. Buchanan’