The Religious Right, 1st Edition

  • Glenn H. Utter
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Timely and unbiased, this third edition updates and expands its examination of the religious right and its influence on our government, citizens, society, and politics. From the fight to outlaw the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution to the struggle to outlaw abortion, the religious right is continually exerting an influence on public policy.

This text explores the influence of religion on legislation and society, while examining the alignment of the religious right with the political right. A historical survey of the movement highlights the shift to "hands-on" approach to politics and the struggle to present a unified front.

The coverage offers a critical historical survey of the religious right movement, focusing on its increased involvement in the political arena, attempts to forge coalitions, and notable successes and failures. The text offers complete coverage of biographies of the men and women who have advanced the cause and an up to date chronology illuminate the movement's goals, including their accomplishments and failures.

This edition offers an extensive update to all sections along with several brand new entries. Two new sections complement this third edition, a chapter on legal issues and court decisions and a chapter on demographic statistics and electoral patterns.

To aid in further research, The Religious Right, offers an entire section of annotated listings of print and non-print resources, as well as of organizations affiliated with the religious right, and those opposing it. Comprehensive in its scope, this work offers easy-to-read, pertinent information for those seeking to understand the religious right and its evolving role in American society. A must for libraries of all sizes, university religion departments, activists, high schools and for those interested in the evolving role of the religious rights.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
About the Authors.
The Religious Right in America.
1: Biographical Profiles.
2: Barton, David (1954–).
3: Bauer, Gary L. (1946–).
4: Billings, Robert J. (1926–1995).
5: Bright, Bill (1921–2003).
6: Bryan, William Jennings (1860–1925).
7: Bundy, Edgar C. (1915–).
8: Coughlin, Charles E. (1891–1979).
9: Darby, John Nelson (1800–1882).
10: Dobson, James C. (1936–).
11: Doner, Colonel V. (1949–).
12: Falwell, Jerry (1932–).
13: Graham, William ("Billy") Franklin (1918–).
14: Grant, Robert (1936–).
15: Hagee, John (1940–).
16: Haggard, Ted (1956–).
17: Hanegraaff, Hank (1950–).
18: Hargis, Billy James (1925–2004).
19: Jarmin, Gary (1949–).
20: Jones, Bob, Sr. (1883–1968).
21: Kennedy, D. James (1938–).
22: LaHaye, Beverly (1930–).
23: LaHaye, Tim (1926–).
24: Land, Richard (1948–).
25: Lindsey, Hal (1930–).
26: Machen, J. Gresham (1881–1937).
27: Manion, Clarence E. (1896–1979).
28: McAteer, Edward E. (1927–2004).
29: McIntire, Carl (1906–2002).
30: Meyer, Joyce (1943–).
31: Moody, Dwight Lyman (1837–1899).
32: Neuhaus, Richard John (1936–).
33: O'Connor, Cardinal John (1920–2000).
34: Olasky, Marvin (1950–).
35: Parsley, Rodney Lee (Rod) (1957–).
36: Patterson, Paige (1942–).
37: Perkins, Tony (1963–).
38: Pressler, Paul (1930–).
39: Reed, Ralph (1961–).
40: Robertson, Marion Gordon "Pat" (1930–).
41: Robison, James (1943–).
42: Ross, Hugh (1945–).
43: Santorum, Rick (1958–).
44: Schaeffer, Francis (1912–1984).
45: Schlafly, Phyllis (1924–).
46: Schwarz, Frederick Charles (1913–).
47: Scofield, Cyrus Ingerson (1843–1921).
48: Sekulow, Jay Alan (1956–).
49: Sproul, R.C. (1938–).
50: Tate, Randy (1965–).
51: Thomas, Cal (1940–).
52: Warren, Rick (1954–).
53: Welch, Robert H. W., Jr. (1899–1985).
54: Weyrich, Paul (1942–).
55: Wildmon, Donald Ellis (1938–).
56: Analysis of Survey Data.
57: Religion and the American Population.
58: Political Preferences.
59: Policy Preferences.
60: Social and Moral Issues.
61: Potential for Success.
62: Primary Documents & Quotations.
63: Religious Right Views.
64: America's Christian Heritage.
65: Holding the Line.
66: Antiabortion.
67: Anticommunism.
68: Biblical Inerrancy.
69: Compassionate Conservatism.
70: Culture and the Culture War.
71: Economics and Capitalism.
72: Education.
73: End Times.
74: Environmentalism.
75: Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design.
76: A Premillennial Portrait of Modern America.
77: Foreign Policy.
78: The Christian Zionist Threat to Peace: Spend Your Vacation Fighting for Israel.
79: Homosexuality.
80: Patriotism.
81: Political Activism and Strategy.
82: Voting as Christians.
83: Prayer in the Schools.
84: Reconstructionism.
85: Right to Bear Arms.
86: Secular Humanism.
87: Taxation.
88: Commentary on the Religious Right, Scholarly and Polemical.
89: Culture and the Culture War.
90: End Times.
91: Apocalypse Now.
92: American Rapture.
93: Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design.
94: Natural 'Knowledge' and Natural 'Design'.
95: Intelligent Design and Atheist Courts.
96: Devolution: Why Intelligent Design Isn't.
97: Foreign Policy.
98: God's Country?.
99: Fundamentalism.
100: Political Activism and Strategy.
101: Bush Campaign Seeking Help from Congregations.
102: On God and Democrats.
103: Is Bush the Antichrist?.
Directory of Organizations.
Organizations in Favor of the Religious Right.
Organizations Critical of the Religious Right.
Suggested Readings.
Works about the Religious Right.
Religious Studies.
The Religious Right and Politics.
Works from the Religious Right.
The Religious Right Worldview.
Political and Economic Issues.
Personal and Family Topics.
Periodicals from Religious Right Organizations.
Selected Multimedia Resources.
Multiple Formats.
Audio CDs.
Radio and Television Programs.
TV Evangelists Call Signals from the Same Playbook: TV Preachers Support, Promote Each Other.
Internet Resources.