Records of the Far Eastern Commission, 1945-1952

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All the activities of the multinational Far Eastern Commission (FEC), which oversaw the postwar governing and reconstruction of Japan, are fully documented in this publication.

The collection is divided into two main sections:

Section 1 contains the FEC's official policy statements, or action plans. The commission released statements on practically every aspect of the occupation, ranging from Japan's postsurrender policy to all facets of that country's economic development.

1.    Records of the Far Eastern Advisory Commission, 1945-1946 (rolls #1-2)

2.    Agenda for and Minutes of Meetings 1-222 (rolls #3-5)

3.    Verbatim Transcripts of Meetings 1-222 (rolls #5 [cont'd.]-9)

4.    Numbered Policy Document Series (rolls #9 [cont'd.]-20)

5.    French, Russian, and Chinese Translations of Minutes and Documents (rolls #20 [cont'd.]-22)

6.    Records of the Committees (rolls #22 [cont'd.]-38)

Section 2 contains primary materials upon which policy statements were formulated. Reports, photographs, clippings, and position papers for investigation of the economic and political reconstruction of Japan, and the interactions of powerful nations with very different objectives.

7.    FEC Reference Subject Files (rolls #39-128)

8.    Subject File of the Secretariat General (rolls #128 [cont'd.]-148)

9.    U.S. Delegation Subject Files (rolls #148 [cont'd.]-167)

This publication will be a necessary purchase for libraries with holdings in Japanese history, Asian studies, and postwar relations.

Number of rolls: 167