Papers on Accounting History, 1st Edition

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Written over a period of twenty years the papers included here reflect the changing circumstances around the study of accounting history.

Table of Contents

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Accounting History.
1: The Study of Accounting History.
Accounting Problems.
2: Lower of Cost and Market in Britain and the United States: An Historical Survey.
3: Discounted Cash Flow in Historical Perspective.
4: History of Accounting for Decisions.
5: The Want of Uniformity in Accounts: A Nineteenth Century Debate.
6: Bookkeeping Barter and Current Cash Equivalents in Early New South Wales.
Accounting People.
7: British Men of Account.
8: British Accountants.
9: Those First Councillors ….
10: Memorial Frank Sewell Bray 1906–1979.
11: Australia's First Accountancy Body—The Adelaide Society of Accountants.
Accounting Literature.
12: The First Scottish Book on Accounting: Robert Colinson's Idea Rationaria (1683).
13: A Note on Savary's “Le Parfait NéGociant”.
14: Reckoning, Merchants' Accounts, Book-Keeping, Accounting Or Accountancy? The Evidence of the Long Titles of Books on Accounting in English, 1543–1914.