The Cyprus Crisis, 1967: Records from the State Department's Crisis Files

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The State Department's Executive Secretariat was responsible for creating a documentary record on various international crises during the 1960s. The documents in Cyprus Crisis, 1967, were collected and collated from a variety of State Department sources and represent an administrative history of the crisis from the perspective of the U.S. government and its foreign policy.

Fighting between Turkish Cypriot military formations and Greek Cypriot police and National Guard units broke out on November 15, 1967, at Agios Theodoros and nearby Kophinou. On November 16, the Turkish Government demanded Greek Cypriots immediately cease their attacks and threatened military intervention. The following day, a Turkish note to the Greek Government demanded the removal of its troops on Cyprus, the recall of General Grivas, compensation for victims of Greek Cypriot attacks, and the end of restrictions on Turkish Cypriots. After consultations with the involved states and at the United Nations, the United States decided to send a special envoy to the area to support the efforts of U.N. and NATO representatives to avoid a military clash over the island.

On November 22, President Johnson asked former Under Secretary of Defense Cyrus Vance to serve as his envoy. Between November 23 and December 4, Vance shuttled among Ankara, Athens, and Nicosia in an effort to secure a peaceful settlement.

This collection includes almost a day-by-day record of the events, including the U.S. and the United Nation's response to the civil war and the threat to NATO.

Research topics include:

  • Presidential Adviser Cyrus Vance's Mission
  • Arlie House Project
  • Greek Cypriot efforts at union with Greece and Turkish efforts to prevent union.
  • U.S. Defense Attache reports on Turk-Greek Cypriot guerrilla activities
  • Turkish government's threat to Greece and pre-invasion plans
  • Role of the United Nations peacemaking efforts and the Green Line

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