eBook U.S. Health Policy And Politics: A Documentary History, 1st Edition

  • Kevin Hillstrom
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Covers historic documents that show how U.S. health policies have evolved to the point where they now exert a tremendous influence over virtually every aspect of American life, from the commercial fortunes of industries to the household budgets of ordinary families.

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Thematic Table of Contents.
1: Health Care and Medical Practice in the New World.
2: Virginia Colony Imposes the First Public Health Law in the New World.
3: Plymouth Colony Assigns Responsibility for Health Care Expenses.
4: Massachusetts Colony Passes an Act of Instruction for Medical Caregivers.
5: The First Naval Quarantine Act in British America.
6: A Law for Regulating Midwives in New York City.
7: Supporting Inoculation in Boston during a Smallpox Epidemic.
8: A Prominent Boston Physician Campaigns Against Smallpox Inoculations.
9: Virginia Regulates the Fees of Physicians and Apothecaries.
10: New York City Issues Regulations for “The Practice of Physick and Surgery”.
11: Virginia Legislators Move to Punish Smallpox Inoculators.
12: Benjamin Rush Gives Directions for Preserving the Health of Soldiers.
13: Washington Orders Compulsory Smallpox Inoculation of the Continental Army.
14: Congress Passes an Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen.
15: Health Care and Regulation in Antebellum America.
16: Congress Passes a Federal Vaccination Act.
17: State Funding Mechanisms for Charity Hospital in New Orleans.
18: Samuel Thomson Reflects on His Medical System and Regular Physicians.
19: John Gunn Attacks Regular Physicians in Domestic Medicine.
20: New York Lawmakers Consider Thomsonian Licensing Petitions.
21: John Griscom Urges Sanitary Reforms in New York City.
22: Dorothea Dix Lobbies State Legislators for a Hospital for the Insane.
23: A Sanitary Commission Complains about the Lack of Public Health Regulation in America.
24: United States Begins Federal Inspections of Imported Drugs.
25: Lemuel Shattuck Issues Recommendations for New Public Health Regulations.
26: New York State Incorporates Its First Homeopathic Medical College.
27: The Professionalization of American Medicine.
28: The Lincoln Administration Approves the U.S. Sanitary Commission.
29: U.S. Sanitary Commission Campaign to Reorganize the Medical Bureau.
30: An Assassination Attempt Renews Allopath-Homeopath Hostilities.
31: New York Metropolitan Board of Health Issues Its First Annual Report.
32: Marine Hospitals Services Act.
33: Reform Recommendations for Almshouses in Pennsylvania.
34: National Quarantine Act.
35: Congress Expands the Powers of the National Board of Health.
36: A Boston Medical Journal Mourns the Gains of Women Physicians.
37: Louisiana Politics Bedevil Federal Health Inspectors.
38: A Commentary on “the Present Condition of National Health Legislation”.
39: U.S. Supreme Court Affirms State Authority over Medical Licensing.
40: Health Care in the Progressive Era.
41: A Wisconsin Physician Urges State Regulation of Medical Practices.
42: Political Warfare Over Smallpox Treatment in Milwaukee.
43: A Famous Health Reformer Endorses State Registration of Nurses.
44: Government Guidelines for the Medical Inspection of Immigrants.
45: Immigration Restriction League Warns about Dangers to Public Health.
46: U.S. Supreme Court Endorses Compulsory Vaccination in Jacobson v. Massachusetts.
47: A Muckraker Condemns America’ Patent Medicine Industry.
48: Flexner Report Demands Reforms of American Medical Education.
49: A Senator’s Call for a Cabinet-Level Public Health Department.
50: Roosevelt’s “Bull Moose” Party Calls for Universal Health Insurance.
51: Public Health Service Compares Health Insurance in America and Europe.
52: A Reformer Makes the Case for National Health Insurance.
53: Educating Navy Personnel about a Deadly Influenza Epidemic.
54: An Insurance Executive Excoriates Government-Run Health Insurance.
55: Progressives Assail Industry-Backed Opponents of Health Insurance Reform.
56: The Struggle Over Health Insurance Between the Wars.
57: Defending the Sheppard-Towner Maternity and Infancy Protection Act.
58: Principles of the American Birth Control League.
59: American Medical Association Formally Repudiates “State Medicine”.
60: A Call for Expanded State Involvement in All Phases of Health Care.
61: Establishment of the First Blue Cross Plans.
62: Landmark Report from the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care.
63: Minority Report of the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care.
64: I. M. Rubinow’s Quest for Security.
65: Franklin D. Roosevelt Voices Support for National Social Insurance.
66: Report of the Committee on Economic Security.
67: President Roosevelt Signs the Social Security Act.
68: Kansas Governor Landon Vows to Repeal Social Security If Elected President.
69: U.S. Public Health Service and the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
70: National Cancer Institute Act.
71: Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
72: Report of the Technical Committee on Medical Care.
73: Morris Fishbein Describes Health Insurance as a Threat to the Doctor-Patient Relationship.
74: Partisan Jousting Over Health Care in the Postwar Era.
75: A Progressive Call for an Expanded Governmental Role in All Phases of Health.
76: California Medical Association Defeats State Health Insurance Legislation.
77: Truman Calls for National Health Insurance.
78: National Mental Health Act.
79: Laying the Groundwork for the Hill-Burton Act.
80: Modernizing the Hospitals and Clinics of the Veterans Administration.
81: Senator Taft Denounces Compulsory Insurance as Socialized Medicine.
82: Truman Again Calls on Congress to Address National “Health Needs”.
83: Eisenhower Unveils a Health Care “Reinsurance” Proposal.
84: Polio Vaccination Assistance Act.
85: Big Labor Pushes for Government Health Care for the Elderly.
86: Congress Passes the Kerr-Mills Act.
87: Medicare Changes the Health Care Landscape.
88: Ronald Reagan Urges Opposition to Medicare.
89: President Kennedy Tries to Rally Public Support for Medicare.
90: A Cartoonist Lampoons the American Medical Association.
91: Kennedy’s Presidential Panel on Mental Retardation.
92: American Courts Order Desegregation of Southern Hospitals.
93: U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health.
94: 1964 Elections Break the Political Logjam on Medicare.
95: President Johnson Reflects on His Support for Medicare and Social Security.
96: An Influential Member of Congress Recalls the Development of Medicare Part B.
97: President Johnson Signs Medicare and Medicaid into Law.
98: Launching the War on Cancer.
99: A Warning about America’s Growing “Medical-Industrial Complex”.
100: President Nixon Signs the Clean Air Act.
101: Justice Blackmun Delivers the Supreme Court Decision in Roe v. Wade.
102: Congress Passes the Rehabilitation Act.
103: President Nixon Signs the Health Maintenance Organization Act.
104: President Nixon Proposes a National Health Insurance Plan.
105: President Ford Signs the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
106: Restraining Health Care Costs in the Age of Reagan.
107: An Investor’s Guide to Health Maintenance Organizations.
108: President Reagan Signs the Orphan Drug Act.
109: Arrival of the Medicare Prospective Payment System.
110: Senator Hatch Recalls the Political Battle over the Hatch-Waxman Act.
111: Congress Passes the National Organ Transplant Act.
112: Women’s Health Emerges as a Political Issue.
113: COBRA Allows Laid-Off Workers to Keep Their Health Coverage.
114: AMA Calls for Relief from Medical Malpractice Lawsuits.
115: ABA Defends Medical Malpractice Laws in America’s Tort System.
116: Reagan’s First Major Speech on AIDS.
117: HHS Secretary Bowen Recalls the Creation of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act.
118: Reagan Signs the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act.
119: Congress Repeals the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act.
120: Congress Agrees to Research Best Practices in Health Care.
121: Congress Throws Its Support Behind the Ryan White CARE Act.
122: Government Report Takes the NIH to Task on Women’s Health.
123: Justin Dart Hails the Signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
124: The Clinton Health Plan and Scorched-Earth Politics.
125: Harris Wofford Rides Health Care to a Stunning Political Upset.
126: Clinton Unveils his Health Care Plan to Congress.
127: Hillary Rodham Clinton Testifies in Support of Health Care Reform.
128: A Key Strategist Urges Republicans to Defeat Clinton’s Health Reform Proposal.
129: Senator Dole Lambastes the Clinton Health Care Plan, 1994.
130: A Democratic Senator Laments the Death of the Clinton Health Reform Plan, 1994.
131: A Republican Senator Applauds the Demise of the Clinton Health Care Plan, 1994.
132: Senator Mitchell Closes the Book on the Clinton Health Care Plan, 1994.
133: Appropriations Battles Over Health Care Research, 1995.
134: President Clinton Vetoes Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, 1995.
135: Senator Kassebaum Touts the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, 1996.
136: Senator Kennedy Urges Passage of Health Insurance Legislation for Children.
137: Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.
138: States Take Aim at Managed Care with New Consumer Protections.
139: Debating Oregon’s Death with Dignity Law.
140: Institute of Medicine Sounds an Alarm about Medical Errors in Hospitals.
141: President Clinton Extols New Rules to Ensure Medical Privacy.
142: RU486 Abortion Pill Adds Fuel to America’s Political “Culture Wars”.
143: Controversial Policy Prescriptions for American Health Care.
144: President Bush Stakes Out His.
145: Controversial Vote on the Medicare Prescription Drug Act.
146: Bush Touts the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, 2005.
147: Massachusetts Passes Major Health.
148: Washington Reacts to a Supreme Court Decision on “Partial-Birth” Abortion, 2007.
149: Political Battle Over SCHIP Reauthorization, 2007.
150: Bipartisan Support for the Wellstone.
151: White House Forum on Health Reform.
152: Major Stakeholders Signal Support for Obama’s Health Reform Efforts.
153: An Obama Budget Official Defends Health Reform.
154: Senator Lieberman Turns Against the Public Option.
155: Scott Brown’s Victory Speech in Massachusetts.
156: President Obama and Senator Kyl Square Off at the Health Care Summit.
157: Obama Speaks to House Democrats on the Eve of the Health Reform Vote.
158: Minority Leader Boehner Urges a Vote against the Affordable Care Act.
159: A Republican Pundit Laments Conservative “Waterloo”.
160: Obama Signs the Health Care Reform Bill into Law.
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