Small Plot Big Harvest, 1st Edition

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  • ISBN-10: 1465400907
  • ISBN-13: 9781465400901
  • DDC: 635.967
  • Grade Level Range: 4th Grade - 6th Grade
  • 256 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2012 | Published/Released October 2012
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2012

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Small Plot, Big Harvest is a bright new gardening book for people with little space but big ambitions. Forget waiting for years for a spot in a community garden: This book celebrates what the vast majority of people have-a little bit of patio or garden that is nonetheless precious to them. Rather than bemoan this limited growing space, this book actively embraces it and explores the advantages, leaving readers in no doubt of the potential their garden has to offer. Enticing seasonal crop planners for 10x10 foot (3x3 meter) and 6.5x6.5 foot (2x2 meter) plots, and for planters and mini raised beds, demonstrate the possibilities. The artworks of each crop are drawn to scale to show the correct number of plants in three planting schemes: a standard mix, an easy-to-grow selection, or a gourmet selection of fruit and vegetables. Follow-on charts show substitutes to increase choice and variety, making this the easiest of garden design packages for new gardeners. Key topics such as soil preparation, watering, feeding, sowing, transplanting, and extending the seasons are presented in the opening chapter, ensuring the book covers every aspect of growing your own. The bulk of the book is made up of attractive profiles of 60 vegetables and 15 fruits, delivered with step-by-step photographs showing each stage of growth and clear instructions. These are followed by gallery spreads to help gardeners choose the best varieties to grow from seed or source as plants. The Problem Solver is a useful troubleshooting section to help gardeners nip problems in the bud, with a clear directory of common weeds, pests, and diseases. Useful resources and a glossary of terms complete the guide.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
1: Your Growing Space.
2: Why Grow your Own Food?.
3: Crops in Small Spaces.
4: Essential Tools and Equipment.
5: Deciding what to Grow.
6: Choosing the Right Spot.
7: Preparing the Soil.
8: Sowing and Planting.
9: Getting an Early Start.
10: Growing in Raised Beds.
11: Growing in Containers.
12: Watering and Feeding.
13: Planning your Plot.
14: Getting Started.
15: Planting the Bed.
16: Tending the Crops.
17: Plenty to Pick.
18: Ending the Season.
19: The Easy-to-Grow Plot.
20: The Family Plot.
21: The Gourmet Plot.
22: Grow Your Own Vegetables.
23: Fruiting Crops.
24: Step-by-Step Tomatoes.
25: Step-by-Step Peppers.
26: Step-by-Step Chili Peppers.
Chili Peppers.
27: Step-by-Step Eggplant.
28: Podded Crops.
29: Step-by-Step Peas.
30: Step-by-Step Runner Beans.
31: Step-by-Step Green Beans.
Green Beans.
32: Step-by-Step Fava Beans.
33: Cucurbits.
34: Step-by-Step Cucumbers.
35: Step-by-Step Zucchini.
36: Step-by-Step Summer Squashes.
37: Step-by-Step Winter Squashes.
Winter Squashes.
38: Step-by-Step Pumpkins.
39: Brassicas.
40: Step-by-Step Summer and Fall Cabbage.
Summer Cabbages.
41: Step-by-Step Winter and Spring Cabbages.
42: Step-by-Step Cauliflower.
43: Step-by-Step Calabrese Broccoli.
44: Step-by-Step Sprouting Broccoli.
45: Step-by-Step Brussels Sprouts.
46: Step-by-Step Kale.
47: Salads and Leaves.
48: Step-by-Step Lettuces.
49: Step-by-Step Cut-and-Come-Again Salad.
50: Step-by-Step Microgreens.
51: Step-by-Step Asian Greens.
52: Step-by-Step Spinach.
53: Step-by-Step Swiss Chard.
54: Step-by-Step Chicory.
55: Step-by-Step Endive.
56: Step-by-Step Watercress.
57: Root Crops.
58: Step-by-Step Radishes.
59: Step-by-Step Beets.
60: Step-by-Step Carrots.
61: Step-by-Step Turnips.
62: Step-by-Step Parsnips.
63: Step-by-Step Rutabagas.
64: Step-by-Step Potatoes.
65: Alliums.
66: Step-by-Step Onions.
67: Step-by-Step Shallots.
68: Step-by-Step Green Onions.
69: Step-by-Step Leeks.
70: Step-by-Step Garlic.
71: Other Crops.
72: Step-by-Step Sweet Corn.
Sweet Corn.
73: Step-by-Step Kohlrabi.
74: Step-by-Step Florence Fennel.
75: Step-by-Step Celery.
76: Step-by-Step Celery Root.
77: Perennial Crops.
78: Step-by-Step Asparagus.
79: Step-by-Step Globe Artichokes.
80: Step-by-Step Jerusalem Artichokes.
81: Step-by-Step Rhubarb.
82: Culinary Herbs.
83: Step-by-Step Annual Herbs.
84: Step-by-Step Perennial Herbs.
Perennial Herbs.
85: Vegetable Crop Planner.
86: Grow Your Own Fruit.
87: Step-by-Step Strawberries.
88: Step-by-Step Raspberries.
89: Step-by-Step Blackberries and Hybrids.
90: Step-by-Step Red and White Currants.
91: Step-by-Step Black Currants.
92: Step-by-Step Gooseberries.
93: Step-by-Step Blueberries.
94: Step-by-Step Apples.
95: Step-by-Step Pears.
96: Step-by-Step Plums.
97: Step-by-Step Cherries.
98: Step-by-Step Peaches and Nectarines.
99: Step-by-Step Figs.
100: Fruit Crop Planner.
101: Problem Solver.
102: The Organic Approach.
103: Preventing Problems.
104: Common Weeds.
105: Avoiding Pests and Diseases.
106: Common Pests.
107: Common Diseases.
108: Common Nutrient Deficiencies.
Useful Resources.