Literature of Society

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  • Gale's Literature Of Society series examines literary works that deal with social movements, impactful events, and topics that define the societies we live in. From ancient times to the present, books in the series provide literary, historical, and contextual analysis of authors and works that explore who we are and what brings us together. Each book in this ongoing series allows readers to make connections between the socially important works themselves and the society of the time in which they were written. The Literature Of Society series takes a global view of literature, looking at authors from around the world and a variety of historical periods and genres, in order to paint a broad and diverse picture of society from varying points of view. The series provides fresh perspectives on some of the most frequently studied works, yet it also delves into writings that are less well known, but no less important.


Features and Benefits

  • All books in the series are richly presented with full color artwork, historical photographs, chronologies, and informative sidebars that help provide greater detail and illustration to the works covered.
  • Sections such as work overviews, historical and literary context, themes and style, critical discussion, and further readings all serve to illuminate the works within the social climate of their time.