Archives of the British Liberal Party

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The political, social and intellectual contribution of the Liberal Party continues to attract wide study. This vital collection of Liberal publications documents the changing face of Liberalism from the inception of the party, to the leadership of Lloyd George during the second half of the 20th century. It witnesses the dramatic decline of the party in the early 1900s when, within a span of ten years (1915-1925), it was transformed from a party of government into the third party in the country. Previously unobtainable annual reports of the National Liberal Federation offer a look at a unique aspect of British political history between 1875 and the slump of the 1930s that was, for the most part, the history of the great Victorian Liberal Party. Also included is the complete run of Liberal Magazine.

Finally, this unique collection traces the party through the "wilderness" years as it sought to express its ideas on the mixed economy, revolution and the third world, and to establish itself as a potent force in the politics of modern Britain.

National Liberal Federation Annual Reports, 1877-1936
53 fiche

Pamphlets and Leaflets, 1885-1974, Parts One to Four

Part One: 1885-1911 107 fiche
Part Two: 1912-1939 101 fiche
Part Three: 1940-1963 124 fiche
Part Four: 1964-1974 96 fiche

The Liberal Magazine, 1893-1950 27 reels

Complete Collection: 27 reels, 481 fiche


"The Liberal Party plays a unique role in modern British politics. This collection enables the user to assess this role and shows the full range of its concerns." -- Dr. C. J. Wrigley, University of Loughborough

— C. J. Wrigley, Dr.