The Papers of Andrew Jackson, 1770-1845: A Microfilm Supplement

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This publication supplements the Library of Congress's valuable Andrew Jackson Papers (1967). The editors of The Papers of Andrew Jackson have undertaken a worldwide search of repositories and private collections, uncovering 14,000 documents. Less than 5 percent of this material has been published previously in letterpress, and none of the original manuscripts has appeared before on microfilm.

The hardbound Guide and Index to the Microfilm Editions provides the first complete name index to documents in the new Supplement, the 1967 Library of Congress microfilm edition, and the 119 National Archives microfilm publications that contain Jackson papers. With this volume researchers have access to the entire body of Jackson materials. The guide also includes roll contents for the Supplement, a Jackson chronology, and a genealogy of the Jackson and Donelson families.

Number of rolls: 39


"...extraordinarily rich, combining invaluable information on virtually every aspect of American history in the Middle Period." -- ROBERT V. REMINI, University of Illinois at Chicago

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