Asia Learning Collection, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: College Freshman - College Senior
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  • Original Copyright 2009 | Published/Released April 2009
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Designed for students, educators, and researchers in the education field, this 8-volume set features the studies and researches by distinguished scholars and practitioners in the field. Topics range from major philosophical views and concepts that have relevance to education, to cognitive modifiability as applied to learning and assessment, as well as advances in problem-based learning (PBL) and how it is related to creativity, e-learning, and innovation. Also included in the set are a reference guide for those who want to pursue a Ph.D. degree, and the success story of New Oriental, the largest provider of private educational services in China.

Products Included

Cognitive Modfiability in Learning and Assessment: International Perspectives (eBook)  (ISBN-10: 9814253723 | ISBN-13: 9789814253727)

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Enhancing Thinking through Problem-based Learning Approaches (eBook)  (ISBN-10: 9814253553 | ISBN-13: 9789814253550)

Many institutions worldwide have embarked on using problem-based learning (PBL) for educational reform and curricular innovation. This book captures the art and science of PBL from the perspectives of pedagogy, psychology and technology. The collection in this book provides international perspectives on how PBL practices can enhance thinking. The discussions are structured along three themes. The first is the psychology of cognition, metacognition, and self-regulated learning. The second is the idea of making thinking and mind visible through dialogue and inquiry. The third theme is the use of technology, which is not only a tool but also an important catalyst to enhance problem-based thinking. The contributions come from an international pool of highly experienced and qualified PBL practitioners who are themselves champions and pioneers of PBL projects in their own institutions.

Key features include:

  • Foreword by Professor George Watson, Unidel Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Delaware
  • A first comprehensive edition that focuses on enhancing thinking through PBL
  • An innovative edition that captures key aspects of pedagogy, psychology and technology for effective PBL practices
  • An international edition that draws on contributions from well-known expertise in USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Chapters which provide a balance of research-based and practice-based information for innovating PBL curricula
  • A collection which provides an excellent affirmation of key ideas and principles of PBL across a spectrum of contexts

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PhD: The Pursuit of Excellence (eBook)  (ISBN-10: 9814253626 | ISBN-13: 9789814253628)

PhD: The Pursuit of Excellence is an updated edition of So You Want to Get a PhD. This book aims to assist a final year Master's student or graduate in making an informed decision on whether or not to pursue a PhD. It provides the reader with an understanding of what a PhD actually is and what it can do for the holder. The book explains the structure of the thesis, the process of gathering information and writing. It includes a new chapter on Research Methodology as well as the author's new experiences and knowledge gained during his five-year tenure as PhD supervisor and one-year tenure as Chairman of the PhD Committee. There is also a chapter on the seven strategies of excellence practised by successful PhD students. Also available in print ISBN 13: 9789812656162

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Philosophical Reflections for Educators (eBook)  (ISBN-10: 9814253715 | ISBN-13: 9789814253710)

The book originated from a need to provide a suitable text for educators-trainee teachers, teachers, school leaders, and other educational stakeholders-to engage in philosophical reflections. Philosophical perspectives in education are particularly relevant today as we live in an increasingly complex world. Educators are constantly bombarded by a barrage of educational ideas and practices which threaten to challenge and undermine the traditional ways of teaching and learning. This volume of essays written by an international team of philosophers and educators invites the readers to embark on a philosophical journey to reflect on and critically discuss key philosophical concepts, issues and challenges in education today.

Key features include:

    Addresses pertinent questions in the context of globalization:
  • What is education?
  • What are the aims of education?
  • How can the aims of education be achieved?
  • What are the roles of teachers?
  • What knowledge, skills, values and attitudes are to be cultivated in the students?
  • How can the desired knowledge, skills, values and attitudes be cultivated in the students?
  • What are the recommended curriculum and pedagogy for educators to prepare their students for work and life in the twenty-first century?
  • How can educators adopt the recommended curriculum and pedagogy to prepare their students for work and life in the twenty-first century?
  • Written by an international team of distinguished philosophers and educators.
  • Part I focuses on the key ideas of great thinkers on various aspects of education.
  • Part II highlights major philosophical views and concepts that have relevance to education.
  • All the chapters link theory to practice.

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Problem-based Learning and Creativity (eBook)  (ISBN-10: 9814253820 | ISBN-13: 9789814253826)

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Problem-based Learning Innovation (eBook)  (ISBN-10: 9814253545 | ISBN-13: 9789814253543)

In attempting to innovate learning and prepare a new generation for the demands of a knowledge-based economy, many training institutions and schools have embarked on the use of problem-based learning (PBL) approaches. This book explains why PBL has become an innovation in education. The author provides readers with an updated and holistic perspective of how to practically infuse PBL into the curricula.

Key features include:

  • Foreword by Michele Marincovich, Ph.D., Associate Vice Provost and Director, Center for Teaching and Learning at Stanford University
  • Provides a big picture of educational challenges and the relevance of PBL. It explains the "whys" of PBL from developments in pedagogy and insights drawn from psychology
  • Gives clear illustrations of PBL cycles, PBL processes and facilitation of key stages
  • Special emphasis on the infusion of higher-order thinking and cognitive coaching, the design of PBL problems, and strategic use of PBL in the curriculum
  • Also included are PBL in relation to internet communication technologies and e-learning, understanding the needs of students and their experiences, and pointers for implementing PBL projects
  • Written in a user-friendly approach by one of the foremost experts on PBL
  • Incorporates a wealth of ideas gleaned from many PBL trials and implementations of projects across various disciplines and educational levels

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Problem-based Learning in eLearning Breakthroughs (eBook)  (ISBN-10: 9814253677 | ISBN-13: 9789814253673)

Two major educational developments have gained significant momentum in recent years: the adoption of problem-based learning (PBL) as an educational innovation and the use of web technologies to support learning. In this volume, leading practitioners and researchers worldwide consider the limitless possibilities of ePBL. They provide a wealth of ideas, models, and examples related to the design, implementation, and evaluation of ePBL.

Key features include the first internationally collaborated volume on PBL and e-learning.

Key topics include:

  • Using and designing problems for various e-learning environments
  • Examples of cyberspace innovations
  • Evaluation of web-supported designs
  • Video games for promoting learning
  • Internet-based PBL for collaborative learning
  • Scaffolding and knowledge construction in ePBL
  • Technology mediation of learning
  • Challenging issues and breakthroughs
  • Clear illustrations of ePBL applications in a range of e-environments and web platforms

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The Relentless Pursuit of Success (eBook)  (ISBN-10: 9814253650 | ISBN-13: 9789814253659)

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