American Art-Union, 1839-1851: The Rise of American Art Literacy

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This collection consists of minutes of annual meetings, executive committee, committee of management, and purchasing committee; register of works of art in the American Art-Union; letters addressed to the American Art-Union, including many from agents around the country, and pertaining to the sale of subscriptions; letters from artists to the American Art-Union with index; and letterpress books containing copies of letters sent by the American Art-Union.

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Archives Unbound Series

Introducing Archives Unbound -- a vast new resource that combines the best of legacy microfilms from Gale and Primary Source Media and new, never-before-filmed collections. Specifically developed to address the needs of individual scholars, universities, and organizations, Archives Unbound is unique not only for its expansive, multi-disciplinary content but also for the distinct new intuitive search platform by which it is accessed.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes clippings in which competing arbiters of culture and men of finance debate the meaning of artworks; letters from artists struggling to find the subjects and form that will win them AAU support.
  • Indices to the letters to and from artists are included.
  • The volumes are arranged chronologically under record type: minutes of annual meeting, 1839-1849 (1 vol.); minutes of the committee of management, 1839-1855 (3 vols.); minutes of the executive committee, 1846-1854 (2 vols.); minutes of the purchasing committee, 1850 (1 vol.); treasurer's accounts, 1849-1860 (1 vol.); register of works of art in the American Art-Union, 1848-1851 (1 vol.); letters addressed to the Art-Union, 1838-1852 (65 vols.); letters from artists to the Union, 1849-1851 (8 vols.); letterpress books, 1843-1852 (25 vols.); and newspaper clippings (2 vols.); and 1 box of miscellaneous materials.