New Musical Express and Blues & Soul: The Journals of Popular Music

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Previous title: Jazz, Blues, Soul and Rock: The Journals of Popular Music

Popular music reflects popular culture. In this collection, two important journals in complete form are offered.

New Musical Express and Predecessors, 1946-1971

The pre-eminence of New Musical Express among post-war popular music journals is proven by its longevity, its consistent ability to predict trends, and by its enormous world-wide readership figures. But although a pioneer of entertainment and music journalism, and a recognized record of contemporary music in society, New Musical Express is held complete by only one library in the world. It is essential reading for anyone writing discographies, musicians' biographies, group histories, or generally discussing the entertainment industry; and for the sociological or historical study of post-war popular culture and especially youth culture in both Britain and America.

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Blues and Soul, 1967-1987

Blues and Soul is boldly advertised as "The World's No. 1 Soul Music Magazine." It is the pre-eminent journal for information on the diverse worlds of soul, funk, disco, blues, and rhythm and blues. To a lesser extent it covers jazz and reggae.

The histories of Atlantic Records, Chess, Motown, and other major records companies can be traced through their releases over the last 20 years. The musical careers of George Benson, B. B. King, Sam Cooke, Diana Ross, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, The Drifters, Wilson Pickett, The Four Tops, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight, Lou Rawls, Dionne Warwick, Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy, Bob Marley and many others can also be examined.

This resource will enable scholars to pursue the serious study of popular music worldwide. No complete set of this journal is recorded in any library in the world.

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