European Women's Periodicals

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European Women's Periodicals brings together some of the most important political, professional and popular periodicals written by and for women across Europe during the critical period of the women's movement (1840-1940). Taken from the holdings of the International Archive of the Women's Movement (IIAV) -- whose founders were active members of that movement -- and the International Institute of Social History (IISG) in Amsterdam, these "vehicles for communication with the outside world" clearly illuminate the international struggle towards social and political equality for women in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. European Women's Periodicals reflects the many aspects of the women's movement in European society to the early days of World War II. Of particular importance is the insight given to the role of socialism in the campaign for women's rights -- the threat of German National Socialism is evident in some of the later titles, while many of the "popular" journals of that era deliberately avoid mention of World War II.

Unit One: Austrian and Belgian Women's Periodicals

This unit includes 26 titles from Austria and Belgium, including Der Bund, 1906-1918; Die Frau, 1924-1934; Die Oesterreicherin, 1928-1938, and La Femme Belge, 1922-1935.
29 reels

Unit Two: French Women's Periodicals

This unit offers titles from France, including L'Action Sociale de la Femme, 1911-1924; Les Documents du Progres, 1907-1914; and La Française, 1906-1915.
24 reels

Unit Three: German Women's Periodicals

This unit includes titles from Germany and German-language issues from Paris, Prague and periodicals from Switzerland.
61 reels

Unit Four: Dutch Women's Periodicals

This final unit contains 10 titles.
170 reels

Complete Collection: 284 reels