The Human Body II: The Kidneys and the Renal System, 2nd Edition

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Responsible for managing the body's waste and regulating the balance of water and electrolytes, the kidneys and renal system, in a sense, make up the body's plumbing network. When any part of the system fails or does not function properly, the body may be subject to unnatural concentrations of certain substances, causing illness or even death. This volume examines the various components of the renal, or urinary, system, and the consequences of dysfunction and disease.

Table of Contents

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1: Anatomy of the Kidneys and Renal System.
2: The Kidneys.
3: Anatomical Location of the Kidneys.
4: The Renal Capsule.
5: Renal Vessels and Nerves.
6: Internal Configuration: The Renal Pyramid.
7: Internal Configuration: The Renal Pelvis.
8: Minute Structure: The Nephron and Loop of Henle.
9: Minute Structure: The Renal Collecting Tubules.
10: Intrarenal Network of Blood Vessels.
11: The Ureters.
12: General Characteristics.
13: Structure of the Ureteric Wall.
14: The Urinary Bladder.
15: General Description.
16: Blood and Nerve Supplies.
17: Structure of the Bladder Wall.
18: The Urethra.
19: General Description.
20: Structure of Urethral Wall.
21: Development and Function of the Kidneys and Renal System.
22: Development of the Renal System.
23: Regulatory Functions of the Kidneys.
24: Renal Blood Circulation.
25: Intrarenal Blood Pressures.
26: Factors that Affect Renal Flow.
27: Glomerular Pressure.
28: The Role of Hormones in Renal Function.
29: Biological Considerations.
30: The Physiology of Urinary Excretion.
31: Principal Features of Urine and its Excretion.
32: Formation and Composition of Urine.
33: Relative Composition of Plasma and Urine in Normal Men.
34: Glomerular Filtration.
35: Tubule Function.
36: Effect of Tubular Reabsorption on Urine (Illustrative 24-Hour Figures).
37: Reabsorption from the Proximal Tubule.
38: Reabsorption from the Loop of Henle.
39: Reabsorption from the Distal Convoluted Tubule.
40: The Concentration of Urine.
41: Tubular Secretion.
42: Regulation of Acid-Base Balance.
43: Volume and Composition of Urine.
44: Some Urine Constituents (g/24 Hours).
45: Urine Collection and Emission.
46: The Bladder.
47: Bladder Function in Urination.
48: Neural Control of Urination.
49: Renal Disorders of Fluid Regulation and Urinary Function.
50: Effects of Abnormal Renal Function on Body Fluid.
51: Dehydration.
52: Diabetes Insipidus.
53: Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone.
54: Vascular Disease and Renal Function.
55: Disorders of Urine Flow.
56: Obstruction to the Flow of Urine.
57: Kidney Stones.
58: Enuresis.
59: Urinary Tract Infection.
60: Risk Factors.
61: Causes.
62: Symptoms and Diagnosis.
63: Treatment.
64: Other Factors in Urinary Tract Disease.
65: Hematuria.
66: Trauma.
67: Kidney Failure and Inflammatory and Malignant Renal Diseases and Disorders.
68: Kidney Failure.
69: Acute Failure.
70: Chronic Failure.
71: Inflammatory Diseases Affecting the Kidneys.
72: Bright Disease.
73: Pyelonephritis.
74: Other Conditions Affecting the Kidneys and Renal System.
75: Bartter Syndrome.
76: Cystinuria.
77: De Toni–Fanconi Syndrome.
78: Diabetic Nephropathy.
79: Iminoglycinuria.
80: Nephrosclerosis.
81: Nephrotic Syndrome.
82: Renal Cyst.
83: Renal Osteodystrophy.
84: Uremia.
85: Malignant Diseases of the Renal System.
86: Bladder Cancer.
87: Nephroblastoma.
88: Renal Cell Carcinoma.
89: Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma.
90: Evaluation and Treatment of Renal Diseases and Disorders.
91: The Study of Renal Function.
92: Evaluating Renal Function.
93: Quantitative Tests.
94: Renal Biopsy.
95: Evaluation of Urinary Function.
96: Uroscopy and Urinalysis.
97: Radiological and Other Imaging Investigations.
98: Kidney Transplant.
99: Transplantation and Postoperative Care.
100: Data on Kidney Transplant Results.
101: Dialysis.