Djairo G. de Figueiredo - Selected Papers, 1st Edition

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This volume presents a collection of selected papers by the prominent Brazilian mathematician Djairo G. de Figueiredo, who has made significant contributions in the area of Differential Equations and Analysis. His work has been highly influential as a challenge and inspiration to young mathematicians as well as in development of the general area of analysis in his home country of Brazil.In addition to a large body of research covering a variety of areas including geometry of Banach spaces, monotone operators, nonlinear elliptic problems and variational methods applied to differential equations, de Figueiredo is known for his many monographs and books. Among others, this book offers a sample of the work of Djairo, as he is commonly addressed, advancing the study of superlinear elliptic problems (both scalar and system cases), including questions on critical Sobolev exponents and maximum principles for non-cooperative elliptic systems in Hamiltonian form.

Table of Contents

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Selected Works of Outstanding Brazilian Mathematicians.
1: A Short Summary of my Scientific Life.
2: J-Monotone Nonlinear Operators in Banach Spaces.
3: On the Radial Projection in Normed Spaces.
4: Maximal Monotone Operators and Nonlinear Integral Equations of Hammerstein Type.
5: The Extension of Contractions and the Intersection of Balls in Banach Spaces*.
6: On the Variational Method for the Existence of Solutions of Nonlinear Equations of Hammerstein Type.
7: The Dirichlet Problem for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations: A Hilbert Space Approach.
8: Nonlinear Perturbations of a Linear Elliptic Problem Near Its First Eigenvalue.
9: Perturbations of Second Order Linear Elliptic Problems by Nonlinearities without Landesman-Lazer Condition.
10: Double Resonance in Semi Linear Elliptic Problems.
11: Semilinear Elliptic Equations at Resonance: Higher Eigenvalues and Unbounded Nonlinearities.
12: A Priori Estimates and Existence of Positive Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations.
13: On the Superlinear Ambrosetti-Prodi Problem.
14: A Variational Approach to Superlinear Elliptic Problems.
15: Radial Solutions for a Dirichlet Problem in a Ball.
16: On Pairs of Positive Solution for a class of Semilinear Elliptic Problems.
17: Positive Solutions for Some Classes of Semilinear Elliptic Problems.
18: A Maximum Principle for an Elliptic System and Applications to Semilinear Problems*.
19: On the Uniqueness of Solution for a Class of Semilinear Elliotic Problems.
20: On Superlinear Elliptic Problems With Nonlinearities Interacting Only With Higher Eigenvalues.
21: Nonresonance Below the First Eigenvalue for a Semilinear Elliptic Problem*.
22: Maximum Principles for Linear Elliptic Systems (*).
23: On a Superlinear Sturm-Liouville Equation and a Related Bouncing Problem.
24: The Exact Number of Solutions for a Class of Ordinary Differential Equations through Morse Index Computation*.
25: Strict Monotonicity of Eigenvalues and Unique Continuation.
26: Positive Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Systems.
27: On Superquadratic Elliptic Systems.
28: A Liouville-type Theorem for Elliptic Systems.
29: Monotonicity and Symmetry of Solutions of Elliptic Systems in General Domains*.
30: Elliptic Equations in R2 with Nonlinearities in the Critical Growth Range.
31: Decay, Symmetry and Existence of Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Systems.
32: Infinitely Many Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Systems.
33: A Priori Bounds for Positive Solutions of a Non-Variational Elliptic System.
34: Some Remarks on a System of Quasilinear Elliptic Equations.
35: Solutions of a Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation.
36: Strongly Indefinite Functionals and Multiple Solutions of Elliptic Systems.
37: Local Superlinearity and Sublinearity for Indefinite Semilinear Elliptic Problems.
38: An Orlicz-space Approach to Superlinear Elliptic Systems*.
39: Liouville Type Theorems, Monotonicity Results and a Priori Bounds for Positive Solutions of Elliptic Systems.
40: On the Ambrosetti-Prodi Problem for Non-variational Elliptic Systems.
41: Solitary Waves for Some Nonlinear Schrodinger Systems: Ondes Solitaires Pour Certains Systems d'équations de Schrdinger Non Linéaires.
42: Non-variational Elliptic Systems in Dimension Two: A Priori Bounds and Existence of Positive Solutions.
43: The Critical Hyperbola for a Hamiltonian Elliptic System with Weights.
44: Local “Superlinearity” and “Sublinearity” for the p-Laplacian.
List of Publications of Djairo G. de Figueiedo.
List of Ph.D. Students of Djairo G. de Figueiredo.