Collections of the United Farm Workers of America: Series 1: Office Files of the President of the United Farm Workers of America

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The United Farm Workers of America, at its moment of strength, manifested well the ethos of the generation that came of age in the Sixties. The Delano strike, and the lettuce strike that followed, were received as the next stage of the Civil Rights Movement. Chavez was hailed as the Martin Luther King of the Mexican American community.

These 2009 publications are the first increment of the farm worker collections at the Walter P. Reuther Library at Wayne State University. The United Farm Workers began depositing their papers at the Reuther in 1967 and these archives have been an invaluable source for most of the key scholarly works on Chavez and La Causa. They contain executive correspondence and meeting minutes, as well organizers' reports from the field; testimony and speeches, as well as boycott flyers, songs, and prayers. Communications between Chavez and his organizers, as well as correspondence with the Kennedy's, the liberal Church hierarchy, Civil Rights leaders, union tops, and Chicano militants are all included. Internal union struggles, as well as the progress in the California fields and urban boycott offices, are well documented. These publications will be of interest to scholars working in a broad range of disciplines and areas of study.

Part 1: 1951-1971: 46 reels

Part 2: 1965-1992: 64 reels

Part 3: 1962-1990: 67 reels