Physics Explained: The Britannica Guide to Particle Physics, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - 12th Grade
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  • Original Copyright 2011 | Published/Released April 2012
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While the atom is universally acknowledged as the basis for most branches of physics, the study of its constituent particles has illuminated significant new areas of research. The behavior of subatomic particles provides crucial information on the structure and nature of atomic nuclei, which in turn reveal much about energy, matter, and often the origins of the universe. Complete with color diagrams and photographs, this volume elucidates the intricacies of this rapidly developing and always compelling field.

Table of Contents

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Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
1: Basic Concepts of Particle Physics.
2: The Divisible Atom.
3: Size.
4: Elementary Particles.
5: Spin.
6: Antiparticles.
7: Four Basic Forces.
8: Field Theory.
9: The Basic Forces and Their Messenger Particles.
10: Classes of Subatomic Particles.
11: The Development of Modern Particle Theory.
12: Quantum Electrodynamics: Describing the Electromagnetic Force.
13: Quantum Chromodynamics: Describing the Strong Force.
14: Electroweak Theory: Describing the Weak Force.
15: Current Research in Particle Physics.
16: Particle Accelerators.
17: Principles of Particle Acceleration.
18: History.
19: Constant-Voltage Accelerators.
20: Betatrons.
21: Cyclotrons.
22: Linear Resonance Accelerators.
23: Synchrotrons.
24: Colliding-Beam Storage Rings.
25: Impulse Accelerators.
26: Famous Particle Accelerators.
27: Conclusion.
28: Biographies.
29: Blackett, Patrick M.S..
30: Chadwick, Sir James.
31: Chamberlain, Owen.
32: Cockcroft, Sir John Douglas.
33: Davis, Raymond, Jr..
34: Glashow, Sheldon.
35: Gross, David J..
36: Hansen, William Webster.
37: Hooft, Gerardus ’t.
38: Masatoshi, Koshiba.
39: Lawrence, Ernest Orlando.
40: Lee, Tsung-Dao.
41: Mcmillan, Edwin Mattison.
42: Van Der Meer, Simon.
43: Nambu, Yoichiro.
44: Politzer, H. David.
45: Rubbia, Carlo.
46: Salam, Abdus.
47: Segrè, Emilio.
48: Van De Graaff, Robert Jemison.
49: Walton, Ernest Thomas Sinton.
50: Weinberg, Steven.
51: Wilczek, Frank.
52: Witten, Edward.
53: Yang, Chen Ning.
54: Hideki, Yukawa.
Appendix: Other Topics in Particle Physics.
Degenerate Gas.
Fermi-Dirac Statistics.
J/Psi Particle.
Neutron Optics.