The Bush Administration and the AIDS Crisis

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Since it was first mentioned in medical literature in 1981, AIDS has spread into nearly every nation on earth and has caused more widespread panic, fear, and concern than any other medical catastrophe in the twentieth century. This collection provides essential materials for understanding the response of the Bush Administration to the growing AIDs epidemic-the first time that large amounts of government funding and attention were given to the issue.

This microfilm collection contains correspondence from constituents concerning personal struggles with AIDS; AIDS and immigration; AIDS spending, research, and support groups; AIDS related events; hemophilia and AIDS; reports and surveys on AIDS; and the development and implementation of the Bush Administration AIDS policy. In addition, there are Congressional and constituent correspondence and memoranda focusing on the mandate and personnel of the Presidential Commission on AIDS, the international AIDS situation, reforming the INS policy on immigration of people with AIDS, local and state AIDS policies, AIDS testing, funding AIDS research, International AIDS Conferences, and reports on the spread of AIDS and AIDS prevention. Of special note is file on the National Commission on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which contains a great deal of information on Earvin Johnson and Mary Fisher, two appointees two the commission.

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