Modern Genocide: The Definitive Resource and Document Collection, 1st Edition

  • Editor: Paul R. Bartrop, Steven L. Jacobs
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  • ISBN-10: 1610693647
  • ISBN-13: 9781610693646
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  • Grade Level Range: 12th Grade - College Senior
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Modern Genocide: The Definitive Resource and Document Collection spans nearly 1,700 pages presented in four volumes and includes more than 120 primary source documents, making it ideal for high school and beginning college students studying modern genocide as part of a larger world history curriculum. The coverage for each modern genocide, from Herero to Darfur, begins with an introductory essay that helps students conceptualize the conflict within an international context and enable them to better understand the complex role genocide has played in the modern world. There are hundreds of entries on atrocities, organizations, individuals, and other aspects of genocide, each written to serve as a springboard to meaningful discussion and further research. The coverage of each genocide includes an introductory overview, an explanation of the causes, consequences, perpetrators, victims, and bystanders; the international reaction; a timeline of events; an Analyze section that poses tough questions for readers to consider and provides scholarly, pro-and-con responses to these historical conundrums; and reference entries. This integrated examination of genocides occurring in the modern era not only presents an unprecedented research tool on the subject but also challenges the readers to go back and examine other events historically and, consequently, consider important questions about human society in the present and the future.



  • Paul R. Bartrop
  • Steven L. Jacobs

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Dedication Page.
Entry List.
Maps List.
1: Armenian Genocide.
2: Essays.
3: Armenian Genocide Overview.
4: Armenian Genocide Causes.
5: Armenian Genocide Consequences.
6: Armenian Genocide Perpetrators.
7: Armenian Genocide Victims.
8: Armenian Genocide Bystanders.
9: Armenian Genocide International Reaction.
10: Timeline.
11: Topical List of Entries.
12: A-Z Entries.
13: Abdulhamid II.
14: Adana Massacre.
15: Aghet-Ein Volkermord (Aghet-A Genocide).
16: Akcam, Taner.
17: Andonian, Aram.
18: Armenia.
19: Armenian Atrocities Committee.
20: Armenian Deportations in the Ottoman Empire, 1915.
21: Armenian Genocide, Germany and the.
22: Armenian Genocide, International Recognition of.
23: Armenian Genocide, Missionaries and the.
24: Armenian Genocide, The Republic of Turkey and.
25: Armenian Genocide, Role of Propaganda in the.
26: Armenian Genocide, Role of Turkish Physicians in the.
27: Armenian Genocide, U.S. Response to the.
28: Armenian Genocide, Women and the.
29: Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust Compared.
30: Armenian Genocide Institute-Museum.
31: Armenian Genocide Memorial.
32: Assyrian Genocide.
33: Ataturk, Mustafa Kemal.
34: Balakian, Peter.
35: Barton, Clara.
36: Bryan, William Jennings.
37: Bryce, Viscount James.
38: Committee of Union and Progress.
39: Concentration Camps, Armenian Genocide.
40: Dadrian, Vahakn.
41: Deir ez Zor (Der Zor).
42: Denial of the Armenian Genocide.
43: Djemal, Ahmed.
44: Enver, Ismail.
45: Genocide Remembrance Day.
46: Gokalp, Ziya.
47: Hamidian Massacres.
48: Hovannisian, Richard G..
49: Kamil, Mahmud.
50: Kidnappings.
51: Lepsius, Johannes.
52: Lewis, Bernard.
53: Literature of the Armenian Genocide.
54: Morgenthau, Henry, Sr..
55: Musa Dagh.
56: Nazim, Mehemed.
57: Near Eastern Relief (Near East Foundation).
58: Operation NEMESIS.
59: Oshagan, Hagop.
60: Ottoman Empire.
61: Ottoman Empire and the Armenian Genocide.
62: Ottoman Military Tribunals.
63: Permanent People’s Tribunal on the Armenian Genocide.
64: Pontic Greek Genocide.
65: Sarikamish, Battle of.
66: Sèvres, Treaty of.
67: Shakir, Behaeddin.
68: Special Organization.
69: Talaat, Mehmet.
70: Tehcir Law.
71: Tehlirian, Soghomon.
72: Three Pashas.
73: Trabzon (Trebizond).
74: Turkish Nationalism.
75: Van, Siege of.
76: Wegner, Armin T..
77: Whitaker Report.
78: Wilson, Woodrow.
79: World War I.
80: World War I War Crimes Trials.
81: Yesayan, Zabel.
82: Young Turks.
83: Young Turks and the Armenian Genocide.
84: Zoryan Institute for Contemporary Armenian Research and Documentation.
85: Historical Dilemmas.
86: Documents.
87: Bibliography.
88: Contributors.
89: Bosnian Genocide.
90: Essays.
91: Bosnian Genocide Overview.
92: Bosnian Genocide Causes.
93: Bosnian Genocide Consequences.
94: Bosnian Genocide Perpetrators.
95: Bosnian Genocide Victims.
96: Bosnian Genocide Bystanders.
97: Bosnian Genocide International Reaction.
98: Timeline.
99: Topical List of Entries.
100: A-Z Entries.
101: Abdic, Fikret.
102: Ahtisaari, Martti.
103: Akashi, Yasushi.
104: Albania.
105: Amanpour, Christiane.
106: Ashdown, Paddy.
107: Babic, Milan.
108: Banking.
109: Blair, Tony.
110: Blaskic, Tihomir.
111: Boban, Mate.
112: Bosnia and Herzegovina.
113: Bosniaks.
114: Bosnian National Library.
115: Bosnian Safe Areas.
116: Bosnian War.
117: Chetniks.
118: Clark, Wesley.
119: Clinton, Bill.
120: Concentration Camps, Bosnian War.
121: Cosic, Dobrica.
122: Croatia.
123: Croatian War of Independence.
124: Dayton Peace Accords.
125: Del Ponte, Carla.
126: Denial of the Bosnian Genocide.
127: Draskovic, Vuk.
128: Drina Corps.
129: Erdemovic, Drazen.
130: Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in Bosnia and Croatia, 1991–1995.
131: Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in Kosovo, 1999.
132: European Union.
133: Filipovic, Zl