Radical and Reactionary Politics in America: Series 2: Radicalism, Reaction and Dissent: Selections from the Hall Hoag Collection at Brown University

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From the holdings of John Hay Library at Brown University

Organized by Gordon Hall and Grace Hoag, the Hall-Hoag Collection at Brown University is the nation's largest research collection of printed materials from left- and right-wing extremist organizations in the United States from 1950 through the 1990s. It consists of 168,000 items, many of which have not been collected elsewhere.

Materials presented in this collection belong to a variety of movement representing a host of causes: vehement opposition of integration, neo-Nazism, Christian identity, "white rights," anti-Semitism, anti-Communism, anti-Catholicism, religious conservativism, prolife activism, resistance to gun-control legislation, government taxation, international governmental movements and other "liberal" or "socialist" causes.

This collection comprises materials from well-known and little known right-wing organizations: materials from the many Citizens Council movements that emerged in the American south and Midwest; a near complete run of Gerald Lyman Kenneth Smith's antisemitic, white supremacist journal The Cross and the Flag; copies of Oren F. Potito's National Christian News; issues of Frank L. Britton's rabidly anti-Communist The American Nationalist; publications of the National State's Rights Party (NSRP) and its writings in The Thunderbolt; materials from the White Aryan Resistance and publications of the Green Mountain Rifleman. Researchers will find letters to the members, petitions, invitations to meetings and meeting agendas, photographs taken at the rallies, periodicals, pamphlets, leaflets, stickers, postcards and other ephemera.

Part 1: 23 reels
Part 2: 55 reels

Complete Collection: 78 reels