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Ethics, Science, Technology and Engineering: A Global Resource, 2nd Edition

  • Editor: J. Britt Holbrook
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  • ISBN-13: 9780028662138
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  • Grade Level Range: 11th Grade - College Senior
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  • Previous Editions: 2005
  • Original Copyright 2014 | Published/Released September 2014
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Described by Catholic World (2006) as "a treasure trove for beginning literacy" in the disciplines of science, technology, and ethics, the 2005 edition of Encyclopedia Of Science, Technology, and Ethics (ESTE) is being revised to include new analytical and interpretive essays on the events, scholarship, people, and legal decisions that have marked the period since the first edition was researched and published. In addition, to help make ESTE more global and interdisciplinary in scope and reach, the second edition will engage consultants from ethics centers around the world, and will feature the revised title Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering: A Global Resource. Highlights of the new edition include an updated glossary and chronology, in addition to scores of new entries, hundreds of revised entries, and more than 300 graphics/images. To be published in four volumes by Macmillan Reference USA, an imprint of Gale/Cengage Learning.

Features and Benefits

  • More than 800 entries with accompanying bibliographies and "see also" references.
  • Illustrated with more than 250 photographic images and more than 100 tables/charts/graphs.
  • Glossary defining key terms.
  • Chronology to provide context, identify key developments in the field of study.
  • Thematic outline of contents.
  • Subject index.

What's New

  • More than 150 new entries, including several focusing on the fields of engineering.
  • New articles include: biometrics; crowds and crowdsourcing; cybersecurity; drones; fracking; genomics; global climate change; green chemistry; hydrogen economy; identity theft; open access; persuasive technology; philanthropy; security technologies; social media; standards; torture; transhumanism; virtual environments.
  • More than half of all first-edition entries have been updated significantly or rewritten.


  • Booklist - Editor’s Choice 2011
  • CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2012
  • New York Public Library - Best of Reference Award 2006



  • J. Britt Holbrook

Alternate Formats

  • Casebound Edition

    ISBN-10: 0028661966 | ISBN-13: 9780028661964

Table of Contents

NEW ENTRIES ONLY listed here (183); total entry list numbers 852.
Agamben, Giorgio.
Aging and Regenerative Medicine.
Anticipatory Governance.
Article 15 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
Atomic Bomb.
Bauman, Zygmunt.
Benefits Sharing.
Bhopal Disaster, Ethical Issues.
Big Data.
Bioethics: African Perspectives.
Bioethics: Chinese Perspectives.
Bioethics: Scandinavian Perspectives.
Borgmann, Albert.
Bourdieu, Pierre.
Commoner, Barry.
Copiapó Mining Accident.
Corporate Social Responsibility, Southeast Asian Perspectives.
Corruption: African Perspectives.
Corruption: South American Perspectives.
Crowds and Crowdsourcing.
Dams, Chinese Perspectives.
Debating Science and Deliberation.
Decision Theory.
Deep Ecology.
Defining Issues Test.
Device Paradigm.
Digital Divide: African Perspectives.
Digital Divide: Southeast Asian Perspectives.
Disaster Ethics.
Distance and Online Education.
Efficiency, Technical.
Emergent Infectious Diseases.
Engineering Ethics: Australian and New Zealand Perspectives.
Environmental Ethics: African Perspectives.
Environmental Ethics: Chinese Perspectives.
Environmental Ethics: Indian Perspectives.
Environmental Ethics: Japanese Perspectives.
Environmental Ethics: South American Perspectives.
Environmental Ethics: Southeast Asian Perspectives.
Ethical Impact Assessment.
Euthanasia in the Netherlands.
Focal Things and Practices.
Food Ethics.
Food Security.
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster.
Genetic Testing.
George P. Mitchell: The Father of Fracking.
GIS and Human Rights.
Global Climate Change.
Global Ethics.
Global Research Council.
Green Chemistry.
Hardy, G. H..
Healthcare Ethics.
Healy, Bernadine.
HeLa Cells.
HIV/AIDS, African Perspectives.
Hurricane Katrina.
Hydrogen Economy.
Identity Theft.
Impact Agenda.
Interdisciplinarity and Collaboration.
International Political Economy.
Internet, Chinese Perspectives.
Kahneman, Daniel.
Küng, Hans.
Kurzweil, Ray.
Lattes Platform.
Lingis, Alphonso.
MacIntyre, Alasdair.
Mining: African Perspectives.
Mining: Chinese Perspectives.
Misconduct in Science: Agricultural Sciences.
Misconduct in Science: Computer and Information Sciences.
Misconduct in Science: Geological and Earth Sciences.
Misconduct in Science: Human Sciences.
Misconduct in Science: Mathematical Sciences.
Mixed-Method Design.
Mode 2 Knowledge Production.
Modernization, Chinese Perspectives.
Monitoring, Surveillance, and Spying.
Næss, Arne.
Nanoethics, Chinese Perspectives.
Needham Problem.
Neoliberalism and Science.
New and Emerging Science and Technology (NEST) Ethics.
Nonnative Species.
Nursing Ethics.
Oil Spills.
Open Access.
Personal Data.
Persuasive Technology.
Post-Normal Science.
Privacy Impact Assessment.
Proactionary Principle.
Probability: Basic Concepts.
Psychology of Science.
Public Relations.
Publication Ethics.
Railroads, Chinese Perspectives.
Real-time Technology Assessment.
Research Ethics: Chinese Perspectives.
Research Ethics: Norwegian Perspectives.
Research Evaluation.
Responsibility: African Perspectives.
Responsibility: South American Perspectives.
Responsible Research and Innovation.
Science Policy and Public Science Agencies, South American Perspectives.
Science Policy and Public Science Agencies, Southeast Asian Perspectives.
Science, Technology, and Ethics: Aboriginal Australian Perspectives.
Science, Technology, and Ethics: African Perspectives.
Science, Technology, and Society Studies: Central European Perspectives.
Science, Technology, and Society Studies: Chinese Perspectives.
Science, Technology, and Society Studies: Japanese Perspectives.
Science, Technology, and Society Studies: Scandinavian Perspectives.
Science, Technology, and Society Studies: South American Perspectives.
Scientific Dishonesty.
Scientific Doubt.
Security Technologies.
Security, Concept and History.
Sennett, Richard.
Shrader-Frechette, Kristin.
Singer, Peter.
Social Epistemology.
Social Media.
Space Exploration, Chinese Perspectives.
Statistics: Bayesian Inference.
Statistics: Definitions.
Statistics: Descriptive Methods.
Statistics: Frequentist Inference.
Statistics: Overview.
Statistics: Survey Sampling.
Sustainability Indicators.
Synthetic Biology.
Teaching Ethics.
Technology and Engineering, Twelve Key Features.
Three Gorges Dam.
Tragedy of the Anticommons.
Transformative Research.
Translational Research.
United States Public Health Service.
Universal Ethical Code for Scientists.
Values in Engineering.
Values in Science.
Virtual Environments.
Wilson, Edward O.