Drury Lane Under Sheridan, 1776-1812: Manuscript Plays and Correspondence

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From the British Library, London

This publication offers a unique sequence of 130 plays submitted to Richard Brisley Sheridan during his years of proprietorship at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, from 1776-1812. The papers and correspondence derive from both the Additional Manuscripts (35118 and 4270-42723) and the Egerton Series (1975-1976).

The collection reveals both the general standard of work submitted to the nation's leading theater and the means by which it was adapted for performance. Of particular interest is the fact that many of the alterations and directions were made by Sheridan himself.

To support the plays and dramatic pieces, this collection incorporates several volumes of correspondence, chiefly of Thomas Sheridan, actor, theater-manager and father of R.B. Sheridan, as well as material of R.B. Sheridan himself.

Additionally, there are prologues and epilogues to plays and fragments of dramatic pieces. The full volume description from the relevant British Library catalogues is reproduced on each reel of the collection for ease of access to the material.

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