Vietnam War: Primary Sources, 1st Edition

  • Kevin Hillstrom
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Vietnam War: Primary Sources features excerpts from screenplays, literature, speeches and hearings representing pro and con viewpoints during and after the conflict. From an American soldier's accounts of combat to contemporary reflections, Vietnam War: Primary Sources brings you heated debates from a country in conflict. Look for excerpts from a varied selection of sources:

  • Ho Chi Minh's letter to the editor of the the American magazine Minority of One, which shares his perspective on the war
  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s antiwar speech "Beyond Vietnam"
  • Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 speech on the Vietnam War, calling for an end to U.S. support
  • Walter Cronkite's CBS television broadcast on the war
  • Excerpt from Tim O'Brien's story "On the Rainy River"
  • Excerpt from Kent State University student Bill Rubenstein's essay "Tragedy at Kent," in which he describes the National Guard shootings that killed four of his fellow students in 1970
  • Richard Nixon's 1969 "Silent Majority" televised speech, in which he outlines his plan for ending the war
  • Excerpt from Le Ly Hayslip's memoir "When Heaven and Earth Changed Places," in which she remembers how the war divided her Vietnamese village
  • Excerpt from Philip Caputo's memoirs that detail his experiences in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine
  • Interview with Julie Forsythe, an American relief worker at a civilian rehabilitation center in Quang Ngai province, Vietnam
  • James Stockdale's account of his experiences as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam
  • South Vietnamese citizen Phuong Hoang's statement about his experiences as a refugee, 1975-76, in which he explains how and why he fled his homeland after the Communists took control of the government
  • Letter left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1985 by Linda Phillips Palo, an American woman who mourns the deaths of three high school friends who died in the Vietnam War
  • And more