Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection: Supplement V

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This collection of pamphlets, serials, broadsides, fliers, and posters provides immediate access to primary sources on the constantly changing situations in Latin America. The material reproduced here covers a broad range of countries and topics, dealing primarily with events of the past twenty years. They include government reports, conference or working papers, research center working papers, literary magazines and journals, political campaign documents, election results, statistical studies, legal documents, newspapers, speeches, publications of human rights organizations, labor union tracts, and mission statements of religious groups. Each title in the collection has been cataloged, with on-line bibliographic access available through RLIN and OCLC. Please call our sales department (toll-free) at 800-772-8937 for a complete list of titles. The following is list of the countries covered: Argentina: 29 rolls Bolivia: 16 rolls Brazil: 62 rolls Canary Islands: 1 roll Central America/Panama: 4 rolls Chile: 72 rolls Colombia: 8 rolls Costa Rica: 1 roll Cuba: 63 rolls Ecuador: 4 rolls El Salvador: 3 rolls Guadeloupe: 1 roll Guatemala: 2 rolls Haiti: 3 rolls Honduras: 2 rolls Latin America: 4 rolls Mexico: 35 rolls Nicaragua: 22 rolls Panama: 1 rolls Paraguay: 1 roll Peru: 38 rolls Puerto Rico: 11 rolls Uruguay: 9 rolls Venezuela: 2 rolls West Indies: 1 roll You can also purchase all materials relating to any of ten broad topics: politics; government; socioeconomic conditions; agriculture; constitutions, laws and codes; human and civil rights; racial groups; women and gender issues; culture; and church and religion. Number of rolls: 395