Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Archives: Global Missions, Series 1

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This collection, filmed by Yale Divinity Library, is part of the "Kenneth Scott Latourette Initiative for the Documentation of World Christianity" from the holdings of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Archives.

Since 1842, when Rev. J.C.F. Heyer went to India as a missionary of the Pennsylvania Ministerium, representatives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and its predecessor bodies have helped spread the Gospel throughout the world.

Essential and unique research materials.
This microfilm collection provides essential and unique research materials for the study of the role of missionary activities in developing countries, the impetus for missionary work, and the development of the Lutheran Church worldwide.

Correspondence and memoranda, mission program materials, minutes of meetings, photographs, and financial make-up much of the collection. The reports and analyses of the local political, economic and social organizations and conditions are essential for an understanding of the development of many of these colonial and former colonial areas in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Series 1 consists of:

American (Danish) Evangelical Lutheran Church 1 reel

American Lutheran Church, 1930-1960 [India, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia] 22 reels

General Council [of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in North America] [India] 7 reels

Iowa Synod [Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Iowa and Other States] [Papua New Guinea] 2 reels

Joint Synod of Ohio [Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Ohio and Other States] [India, Brazil] 8 reels

United Lutheran Church in America [India, Liberia, Argentina, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore] 68 reels

Series 1: 108 Reels