Rockefeller Foundation Archives, Series 1.1 (Projects): Series 600 (ASIA) and Series 601 (CHINA)

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Reproduced here are some of the most important primary source materials available for the study of social, educational, and medical developments in twentieth-century China.

The collection is divided into two major sections, with subdivisions according to subject areas:

Asia (Series 600, 1906-1957, 3 rolls [#1-3]) Contains early reports on education in China, Japan, and India, examining the possibility of establishing Western educational systems in those countries; and reports on the schools that were created (including the Peking Union Medical College).
China (Series 601, 1913-1960, 40 rolls [#4-43]) Contains the main body of data on the growth of the life sciences in China.
The subdivisions include:

Medical Sciences

Natural Sciences and Agriculture

Public Health Issues



The printed guide that accompanies the collection contains a historical introduction and a detailed listing of roll contents.

Number of rolls: 43