America at War, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - 12th Grade
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  • Original Copyright 2010 | Published/Released April 2012
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Give readers a detailed look into America's military history with this probing yet accessible series. Military legacies are not just about dates and timelines; they're about our strengths and weaknesses, ignorance and brilliance, and desire for peace or dominance. Students will discover the underlying motivations, causes and consequences of military engagement throughout America's history. Written for high school and college students, these image-studded volumes are a must-read for anyone interested in understanding America's experience in the crucible of war. Each volume includes in-depth, balanced coverage of key military, political, and civilian leadership. Engaging narratives about crucial battles transport the student into all sides of America's wartime actions, creating an unforgettable reading experience.

Products Included

America at War: The American Civil War and Reconstruction: People, Politics, and Power  (ISBN-10: 1615300457 | ISBN-13: 9781615300457)

The American Civil War hit close to home as it pitted brother against brother, Americans fighting one another to defend their differing beliefs. Years of war were followed by a subsequent period of Reconstruction, wherein the nation tried to piece itself back together in an uneasy political climate—a trying time in American history. This book focuses on the underlying causes, important battles, remembered personages, and lasting outcomes of the Civil War through detailed information and supporting photos.

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America at War: The American Revolutionary War and The War of 1812: People, Politics, and Power  (ISBN-10: 161530049X | ISBN-13: 9781615300495)

Many Americans buoy their national pride and patriotism in the tableau of the American Revolution—in which every day men rose up against taxation from abroad to defeat one of the most powerful countries in the world at the time. From the midnight ride of Paul Revere to the cold winter at Valley Forge, American freedom was a right proudly won. This book investigates the important battles, speeches, and founding fathers of this important war that ended in the creation of a proud new nation.

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America at War: The Koren War and The Vietnam War: People, Politics, and Power  (ISBN-10: 1615300473 | ISBN-13: 9781615300471)

In the 1950s and 1960s and on into the 1970s, the United States was involved in two wars fought far from home—one in aid of South Korea against the neighboring Communist North Korea, and a second waged through the jungles of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Both of these military engagements were a reaction to what the United States feared as being Communist takeovers, and were surrounded by a strong degree of political controversy. This book explores both wars in detail to help readers understand why the conflicts occurred and what their lasting effects have been.

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America at War: World War I: People, Politics, and Power  (ISBN-10: 1615300481 | ISBN-13: 9781615300488)

Beginning with the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, World War I, sometimes called the Great War, spiraled into a struggle lasting four years, leaving ten million dead, and affecting the lives of millions more. This investigation of World War I begins in the shaky political climate that helped foment a massive conflict that swept up the world, follows through battles of import and their outcomes, and includes plenty of side focuses on such concepts as trench warfare and the Schlieffen Plan.

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America at War: World War II: People, Politics, and Power  (ISBN-10: 1615300465 | ISBN-13: 9781615300464)

World War II was a very different war than had previously been fought in the course of history—new technologies and ideas were employed making way for widespread death and new atrocities. This book is a valuable resource that follows the war from the rise of Hitler to the dropping of the atomic bombs, through blitzkrieg and bombings, to the treaty that finally ended it all, noting the effects upon future world politics.

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