Records of the Department of State Relating to Political Relations between the United States and Japan, 1940-1944

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The Decimal Files, as the State Department's central files have been known since 1910, are among the most important 20th-century U.S. diplomatic records available. More than any other source, these files reveal the information on which U.S. foreign policy decisions were based and the process by which they were implemented. In addition to their data on modern American diplomacy, they offer a wealth of material on the affairs of other nations.

Scholarly Resources makes available on microfilm the following official Department of State Files. Each file is reproduced in its entirety, uncut and unedited. Each guide that introduces the Decimal Files and their arrangement, provides roll contents, and includes two full indexes to the decimal filing system, by file number and by subject.

Scholarly Resources also distributes National Archives publications, which are included in the following listings and designated with Archives' "M" and "T" numbers.

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