Regional Guide to International Conflict and Management from 1945 to 2003, 1st Edition

  • Jacob Bercovitch University of Canterbury
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Regional Guide to International Conflict Management from 1945 to 2003 provides global, regional, and specific information on the over 350 international conflicts that have occurred since World War II.

At the heart of the book are comprehensive regional sections, each of which includes:

  • An essay providing regional context and highlighting the interrelation of countries and conflict in that area
  • Summaries of each conflict in the region, arranged chronologically and covering history, circumstances, players, management, and outcome
  • References for further research

Introductory chapters examine global patterns and trends in international conflict and how conflict is managed, including ethnic conflict and the expanded role of the United Nations. Tables, figures, maps, and a comprehensive index round out this valuable resource.

Regional Guide to International Conflict and Management from 1945 to 2003 gives readers the tools and content necessary for understanding and analyzing international conflict in today's world. Perfect for political science, comparative government/politics, international relations, and world history programs.

Table of Contents

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Summary Contents.
Figures, Tables, and Maps.
1: An Overview of International Conflict.
2: The Nature of International Conflict.
3: Understanding International Conflict Management.
4: International Organizations and Regional Conflicts.
5: Regional Conflicts.
6: Africa.
7: Madagascar—France: Nationalist Rebellion March–August 1947.
8: Eritrea—Ethiopia: Eritrean Nationalism and Agitation for Independence July 1949–December 1950.
9: Tunisia: Tunisian Independence and African Nationalism January 1952–March 1956.
10: Kenya—United Kingdom: Anticolonial Tribal Uprising and Mau Mau Revolt August 1952–December 1963.
11: Algeria: The Fight for Independence November 1954–March 1962.
12: Morocco—Spain: Postindependence Autonomy and the Sahara Conflict November 1957–April 1958.
13: France—Tunisia: Postindependence Autonomy and Military Bases Conflict February–May 1958.
14: France—Tunisia: French-Algerian Border Incidents February–August 1959.
15: Mauritania—Mali: Hodh Region Conflict Mid-1960–February 1963.
16: Congo (Zaire): Secession, Anarchy, Civil War, and the Belgian Congo Crisis July 1960–Mid-1964.
17: The African Territories—Portugal: African Nationalism and Independence Struggle 1961–July 1975.
18: Tunisia—France: Postindependence Autonomy Dispute in Bizerte July–September 1961.
19: Somalia—Kenya/Ethiopia: Somali Expansionism and Separatist Insurgency November 1962–September 1967.
20: Sudan: Southern Separatism, Anya-Nya Terrorism, and the First Sudan Civil War September 1963–March 1972.
21: Morocco—Algeria: Territorial Dispute and the Tindouf War October 1963–February 1964.
22: Niger—Dahomey (Benin): Lete Island Dispute December 1963–June 1965.
23: Somalia—Ethiopia: Somali Expansionism, Separatist Guerrilla Fighting, and the First Ogaden War January–March 1964.
24: Rwanda—Burundi: Postindependence Ethnic Violence Between the Hutu and Tutsi January 1964–January 1965.
25: France—Gabon: Military Putsch, French Military Intervention, and Aubame's Coup February 1964.
26: Ghana—Upper Volta: Ghanaian Border Dispute June 1964–June 1966.
27: Eritrea—Ethiopia: Eritrean Nationalism and War of Secession 1965–May 1993.
28: Ghana—Togo: Ghanaian Expansionism and Border Incidents January–May 1965.
29: Uganda—Congo (Zaire): Rebel Activity and Border Incidents February–March 1965.
30: Chad—Sudan: Internal Strife, Sudanese Intervention, and First Chad Civil War November 1965–1972.
31: Namibia: Violent Insurrection, War, and Independence Struggle 1966–March 1990.
32: Ivory Coast—Guinea: Coup Plot March–April 1966.
33: Ghana—Guinea: Nkrumah's Ouster and Postcoup Tensions October–November 1966.
34: Rhodesia: African Nationalism, Guerrilla Warfare, and Zimbabwe's Struggle for Independence 1967–January 1980.
35: Guinea—Ivory Coast: Regional Rivalry and Hostage Crisis February–September 1967.
36: Nigeria—Biafra: Ethnic and Regional Rivalries, Secession Attempt, and the Biafran Civil War July 1967–January 1970.
37: Congo (Zaire)—Rwanda: Regional Instability and the Mercenaries Dispute August 1967–April 1968.
38: Guinea—Portugal: PAIGC Guerrilla Warfare and the Conakry Raids November 1970.
39: Uganda—Tanzania: Postcoup Border Clashes January 1971–October 1972.
40: Equatorial Guinea—Gabon: Territorial Dispute over the Corisco Bay Islands June–November 1972.
41: Ethiopia—Somalia: Somali Expansionism, Territorial Dispute, and the Second Ogaden War Mid-1972–1985.
42: Morocco—Mauritania: Saharan Nationalism, Territorial Dispute, and the Western Saharan Conflict October 1974–Ongoing.
43: Mali—Upper Volta (Burkina Faso): Territorial and Resource Dispute December 1974–June 1975.
44: Angola—South Africa: Guerrilla Warfare in Namibia, Intervention, and Angolan Civil War 1975–Ongoing.
45: Zaire—Angola: Rebel Activity and Border War November 1975–February 1976.
46: Mozambique—South Africa: African Nationalism, Intervention, and Civil War 1976–October 1992.
47: Uganda—Kenya: Amin Provocations and Border Incidents February–August 1976.
48: Chad—Libya: Guerrilla Warfare, Factional Fighting, and Libyan Annexation of the Aozou Strip June 1976–November 1979.
49: Zaire—Angola: Internal Dissension, Regional Instability, and the First Invasion of Shaba March–May 1977.
50: Chad: Internal Strife, Foreign Intervention, and the Second Chad Civil War January 1978–June 1982.
51: Zaire—Angola: Regional Instability, Congolese Dissension, and the Second Invasion of Shaba May 1978.
52: Tanzania—Uganda: Cross-Border Raids, Tanzanian Invasion, and Ouster of the Amin Regime October 1978–May 1979.
53: Morocco—Algeria: Western Saharan Nationalism and Border Conflict June–October 1979.
54: Cameroon—Nigeria: Border Incident May–July 1981.
55: Uganda: Civil War December 1981–1994.
56: Zaire—Zambia: Lake Mweru Dispute February–September 1982.
57: Libya—Chad: Political Instability, Rebel Fighting, Foreign Intervention, and the Third Chad Civil War Mid-1982–Ongoing.
58: Ghana—Togo: Territorial Dispute and Border Incidents August–October 1982.
59: South Africa—Lesotho: Guerrilla Insurgency Fears and Anti-ANC Raid December 1982.
60: Sudan: Secessionist Fighting, Civil War, and the Second Sudan Civil War January 1983–Ongoing.
61: Liberia—Sierra Leone: Doe Regime Tensions February–March 1983.
62: Chad—Nigeria: Boundary/Resources Dispute and the Lake Chad Conflict April–July 1983.
63: Zaire—Zambia: Regional Tensions, Deportations, and Border Dispute September 1983–January 1984.
64: South Africa—Botswana: African Nationalism and Anti-ANC Raids October 1984–May 1986.
65: Zaire: Internal Dissent and the Third Invasion of Shaba November 1984.
66: Zaire: Internal Strife, the Fourth Invasion of Shaba, and the Collapse of the Mobutu Regime June 1985.
67: Mali—Burkina Faso: Territorial/Resource Dispute and Border War December 1985–January 1986.
68: Togo—Ghana: Regional Rivalry and Coup Attempt September 1986.
69: Zaire—People's Republic of the Congo: Regional Instability and Border Incident January 1987.
70: Ethiopia—Somalia: Somali Expansionism and the Third Ogaden War February 1987–April 1988.
71: South Africa—Zambia: African Nationalism, Insurgency Fears, and Anti-ANC Raid April 1987.
72: People's Republic of the Congo: Civil Unrest and Army Rebellion September 1987–July 1988.
73: Uganda—Kenya: Ugandan Civil War, Refugee Influx, and Border Conflict December 1987.
74: Somalia: Clan-Based Violence and the Somalian Civil War May 1988–Ongoing.
75: Burundi: Tribe—Based Communal Violence and the Hutu Conflict August 1988–Ongoing.
76: Uganda—Kenya: Border Conflict March 1989.
77: Mauritania—Senegal: Ethnic Violence and Border Incidents April 1989–January 1990.
78: Liberia: Civil War December 1989–Ongoing.
79: Guinea-Bissau—Senegal: Border Conflict April–May 1990.
80: Tuareg—Niger: Confrontation and Reprisals May 1990–October 1994.
81: Senegal: The Casamance Rebellion Mid-1990–Ongoing.
82: Tuareg—Mali: Sahel Pastoralist Rebellion and Military Coup June 1990–Ongoing.
83: Rwanda: Tribal Conflict, Genocide, and Exiles Invasion September 1990–Ongoing.
84: Liberia—Sierra Leone: Intervention, Destabilization, and the Sierra Leone Civil War March 1991–Ongoing.
85: Djibouti: Ethnic—Based Violence and Civil War November 1991–July 1993.
86: Nigeria—Cameroon: Territorial Dispute and the Diamond and Djabane Islands Dispute December 1993–March 1994.
87: Ghana—Togo: Border Incidents January—February 1994.
88: Uganda: Intervention and Democratic Movements May 1995–Ongoing.
89: Federal Republic of Grande Comoros: Coup Attempt and Anjouan and Moheli Independence September 1995–Ongoing.
90: Eritrea—Yemen: Invasion of the Hunish Islands November 1995–October 1998.
91: Congo: Independence Movements October 1996–Ongoing.
92: Uganda—Kenya: Ethnic Cross-Border Clashes November 1996–July 1998.
93: Niger: Diffa Border Insurgency December 1996–April 1999.
94: Congo—Brazzaville: Democratic Struggle May 1997–Late 2000.
95: Djibouti: Intervention and Djibouti Civil War Early 1998–December 2000.
96: Lesotho: Intervention and Military Factions May 1998–March 1999.
97: Eritrea—Ethiopia: Yirga Triangle Territorial Dispute May 1998–June 1999.
98: Guinea-Bissau: Military Factions June 1998–January 2000.
99: Ethiopia—Kenya: Ethnic Border Clashes October 1998–January 1999.
100: Liberia—Guinea: Border Dispute September 1999–April 2001.
101: Ivory Coast: Civil War September 1999–Ongoing.
102: Central African Republic—Chad: Attempted Coup, Foreign Intervention, and Territorial Occupation Mid-2001–December 2002.
103: Angola—Zambia: Civil Strife and Border Skirmishes November 2001.
104: Americas.
105: Dominican Republic—Haiti/Cuba: Regional Aggression Early 1947–December 1951.
106: Costa Rica: Anticorruption Military Insurgency and Civil War March–April 1948.
107: Nicaragua—Costa Rica: Border Conflict December 1948–February 1949.
108: Argentina—Chile: The Beagle Channel Border Dispute July 1952–August 1993.
109: Guatemala: Civil War and Insurgency June 1954–Ongoing.
110: Nicaragua—Costa Rica: Exiles Invasion Attempt January 1955.
111: Dominican Republic—Cuba/Venezuela: Dominican Republic Aggression and Exiles Conflict February 1956–January 1962.
112: Cuba: Communist Revolution and Cuban Civil War December 1956–January 1959.
113: Nicaragua—Honduras: Boundary Dispute and Mocoran Seizure April–June 1957.
114: Panama: Cuban-Backed Invasion and Panama Revolutionaries Conflict 1958–May 1959.
115: Guatemala—Mexico: Mexican Shrimp Boat Incident December 1958–September 1959.
116: Paraguay—Argentina: Paraguayan Exiles Conflict Early 1959–December 1961.
117: Cuba—Haiti: Cuban-Sponsored Military Invasion and Haitian Exiles Conflict August 1959.
118: United States—Cuba: Anti-Castro Military Invasion—The Bay of Pigs April–May 1961.
119: Venezuela—Guyana (UK): Essequibo River Dispute February 1962–June 1970.
120: Chile—Bolivia: Lauca River Dam Dispute March 1962–1964.
121: United States—USSR: Cold War Dispute and the Cuban Missile Crisis September–November 1962.
122: Haiti—Dominican Republic: Exiles Asylum and Invasion Attempt April–September 1963.
123: Cuba—Venezuela: Terrorism and Invasion Attempt November 1963–May 1967.
124: Panama—United States: Sovereignty Dispute and the Flag Riots January–April 1964.
125: Colombia: Banditry and Leftist Guerrilla Insurgency 1965–Ongoing.
126: United States—Dominican Republic: Civil War, U.S. Military Intervention, and the Constitutionalist Rebellion April 1965–September 1966.
127: Bolivia: Cuban-Assisted Guerrilla Insurgency November 1966–July 1970.
128: El Salvador—Honduras: The “Football War” Border Dispute July 1969.
129: Guyana—Suriname: New River Triangle Border Dispute August 1969–November 1970.
130: El Salvador—Honduras: Territorial Dispute and Border Incidents July 1976–October 1980.
131: El Salvador: Civil Conflict and the Salvadoran Civil War January 1977–Late 1992.
132: Ecuador—Peru: Regional Rivalry, Territorial Dispute, and the Amazon/Marañón Waterway Incidents June 1977–January 1978.
133: Nicaragua—Costa Rica: Regional Rivalry and Border Incidents October 1977.
134: Nicaragua—Costa Rica: Regional Rivalry, Cross-Border Raids, and Border Incidents September–December 1978.
135: Honduras—Nicaragua: Right-Wing Insurgency and the Contra War January 1980–February 1994.
136: Ecuador—Peru: Territorial Dispute and Border War January–April 1981.
137: United Kingdom—Argentina: Sovereignty Dispute and the Falklands War April–June 1982.
138: Guatemala—Mexico: Regional Instability, Guatemalan Civil War, and Border Incidents September 1982–January 1983.
139: United States—Grenada: Anti- Communist Military Invasion October–December 1983.
140: Ecuador—Peru: Regional Rivalry, Territorial Dispute, and Border Conflict January 1984.
141: Guatemala—Mexico: Regional Instability, Guatemalan Civil War, and Border Incident April 1984.
142: Nicaragua—Costa Rica: Regional Rivalry and Border Incidents May–June 1985.
143: Nicaragua—Costa Rica: Regional Rivalry and Border Incidents April 1986.
144: Suriname: Guerrilla Insurgency July 1986–December 1992.
145: United States—Panama: U.S. Anti- Noriega Military Invasion December 1989.
146: United States—Haiti: U.S. Military Invasion and Aristide's Return from Exile September 1994.
147: Ecuador—Peru: Regional Rivalry and Cenepa Headwaters Confrontation January–March 1995.
148: Ecuador—Peru: Condor Mountain Territorial Dispute January 1995–October 1998.
149: Belize—Guatemala: Postindependence Territorial Dispute and Border Incidents August 1995.
150: Asia: East Asia And The Pacific.
151: China: Civil War 1945–1949.
152: The Netherlands—The Dutch East Indies: Indonesian Nationalism And War Of Independence Late 1945–November 1949.
153: France—Indochina: Independence Struggle December 1945–July 1954.
154: United Kingdom—Malaya and Singapore: Anti-British Communist Insurgency and the Malayan Emergency June 1948–July 1960.
155: Burma: Kuomintang/People's Liberation Army Cross-Border Conflict August 1948–1954.
156: Burma (Myanmar): Karen Separatist Insurgency and Civil War January 1949–Ongoing.
157: China—Taiwan: Communist-Nationalist Conflict in the Straits of Formosa October 1949–June 1953.
158: United States—USSR: Cold War Air Incidents April–October 1950.
159: United States—North Korea: Cold War Territorial Dispute and the Korean War June 1950–July 1953.
160: China—Portugal: The Macao Territorial Conflict July–August 1952.
161: USSR—United States: Cold War Air Incidents October 1952–July 1956.
162: Cambodia—Siam (Thailand): Border Conflict and the Occupation of the Temple of Preah Vihear Early 1953–May 1975.
163: China—United States/Taiwan: The Quemoy Confrontation April 1954–April 1955.
164: Taiwan—South Vietnam: The Paracel Islands Dispute June–August 1956.
165: China—United States/Taiwan: Communist—Nationalist Territorial Dispute and Bombardment of the Quemoy Islands July–December 1958.
166: Laos: Political Anarchy and the First Laotian Civil War December 1958–1962.
167: North Vietnam—South Vietnam/United States: Communist Vietcong Insurgency, Anti-communist U.S. Military Intervention, and Civil War December 1960–May 1975.
168: Indonesia—Malaysia: Separatist Civil Disturbances and the Borneo Conflict 1962–November 1965.
169: Indonesia—The Netherlands: West Irian Administration Dispute and Separatist Insurgency January–August 1962.
170: China—Taiwan: CCP-KMT Territorial Dispute and Invasion Threat March–December 1962.
171: South Vietnam—Cambodia: Anti-Vietminh Cross-Border Raids March–December 1964.
172: North Vietnam—Laos: Political Anarchy and the Second Laotian Civil War April 1964–December 1966.
173: North Vietnam—United States: The Vietnam War August 1964–May 1975.
174: Irian Jaya—Indonesia: Territorial Dispute and Secession Insurgency 1965–Ongoing.
175: North Korea—South Korea: Cold War Dispute and Border Incidents Mid-1965–March 1968.
176: North Korea—United States: USS Pueblo Seizure January–December 1968.
177: China—Burma: Tribal Conflicts and Border Incidents January–November 1969.
178: Cambodia (Kampuchea)—South Vietnam/United States: U.S. Bombing Campaign and Vietnam War January 1970–April 1975.
179: Mindanao—The Philippines: Communal Violence, Land Disputes, and Muslim Secessionist Insurgency January 1970–Ongoing.
180: South Vietnam—China: Territorial Dispute and the Paracel Islands January 1974.
181: North Korea—South Korea: Demilitarized Zone and Invasion Threat February–July 1975.
182: Cambodia (Kampuchea)—United States: Post—Vietnam War Tensions and the Mayaguez Incident May 1975.
183: Laos—Thailand: Postrevolution Exodus and Border Incidents June 1975–January 1976.
184: East Timor—Indonesia: Independence Struggle October 1975–May 2002.
185: Cambodia (Kampuchea)—Thailand: Refugee Influx, Regional Tensions, and Border Skirmishes December 1975–February 1976.
186: Thailand—Cambodia (Kampuchea): Refugee Influx, Regional Instability, and Khmer Rouge Border Incidents November–December 1976.
187: Cambodia (Kampuchea)—Thailand: Refugee Influx, Regional Instability, and Khmer Rouge Border Incidents January 1977–October 1978.
188: Cambodia (Kampuchea)—Vietnam: Border Fighting, Vietnamese Invasion, and the Cambodian Civil War January 1979–Ongoing.
189: China—Vietnam: Regional Rivalry and Border War January 1979–June 1982.
190: Cambodia (Kampuchea)—Thailand: Khmer Rouge Insurgency and Border Conflict December 1979–October 1980.
191: Espiritu Santo—Vanuatu (The New Hebrides): Secession Attempt May–September 1980.